Monday, 13 May 2013

Eurovision - 2013

Hi folks. It's that time of year again, when the whole of Europe goes a little bit camp and the sound of music (some good and some so so bad) fills the airwaves. It's Eurovision time and since my little slice of this poptastic indulgence was so popular last year, I'm back with another slice.

The following is my top five for this years contest which takes place in Malmo, Sweden and are in no particular order.

Azerbaijan - Hold Me by Farid Mammadov.

This performance is from the heats to find a winner to represent Azerbaijan and I think you'll agree the young man from Baku gives a beautiful rendition of the song.
Given his good lucks, I think he will place very highly in the contest with the female votes he is bound to receive.

Germany - Glorious by Cascada.

It's not Eurovision without a little dance music and this one from Cascada certainly delivers.
Now I will let you into a little secret..I always thought Cascada were a British act?
Lead singer Natalie Horler does have British parents so you can't blame me for thinking that.
With album sales of over five million and hits in many countries, the group are very popular and I will be astonished if they do not finish top ten.

Russia - What If by Dina Garipova.

Another beautiful song, superbly sung by the young Dina Garipova. Previously, she won the Russian version of The Voice. Could she be in line to win another singing competition?

San Marino - Crisalide by Valentina Monetta.

It's safe to say that San Marino have not fared well with Eurovision, having never made it to the final. Perhaps their 4th attempt at the contest will see that happen.
I absolutely love this song and may go as far to say that this is the one I would like to win.
Valentina previously represented her country with the awful The Social Network Song (she finished 14th in the semi-final) but she gives an astounding performance for this song and surely deserves her place in the final?

United Kingdom - Believe in Me by Bonnie Tyler.

I'm going to be brutally honest here. When I heard that Bonnie Tyler would be representing the UK for Eurovision, my heart sank, stomach churned and voices in my head were screaming what the? Bonnie had performed a song live on some show I'd seen a year or two ago and she was bad. I remember saying to myself at the time that she had lost it and should retire.

Now I know I said that we stood a good chance last year with good old Englebert and we failed miserably but with Bonnie, I truly believe we will finish top five with this marvellous song. Her husky tones are back and I was wrong to think she was past it.

Bonnie has sold millions of records, had numerous hits all over the world and been nominated for a Brit award twice and a Grammy three times. She is quite simply a world class recording artist. With a fan base in the millions, will she at last restore the UK's fortunes in Eurovision? If she gives a brilliant performance on the night, then we can only hope she can.

So there we have it, my top five for this years Eurovision. Do you agree with any of my choices or do you think the top five will read differently?

Tune in on Saturday 18th May for Eurovision 2013 and may the best song win.

Until next time, I bid thee farewell.

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