Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Felix - part 2

Now where was I? Oh yes..Felix had arrived and he was even more stunning in the flesh. Here I was with an actual real stud muffin.
We chatted a little while and then made our way to the cinema.Whilst chatting the previous night, Felix had said he had wanted to watch Twilight and even though I had seen it twice, I said we would see that one.
We purchased our tickets or I should say I purchased the tickets and made our way to our seats.
There weren't many people there to watch it, which was not surprising as the film had been on release for about a month. Felix enjoyed it as did I, even after the third time.
We made our way out from the cinema and the plan had been to go for something to eat but Felix asked if I would like to go back to his place instead. I actually thought he meant we could eat at his place so I said yes.

It was a good 15 minute walk to Felix's place. I say his place, it was student accommodation he shared with about six other students. He had a room downstairs which was quite spacious. There was room for his double bed, computer, television..basically everything a student needed. There was the usual living room, kitchen and bathroom that they all shared too.
I sat down on his bed and we chatted for quite a while. He paid me a few compliments as I did him. I could see where this going. We weren't there to eat and if I'm being honest, I was awfully glad we weren't.

Felix asked if I minded being left alone for a few minutes whilst he went for a shower. Of course I didn't I replied. Now I definitely knew where this was going and was very glad that I'd had a bath before meeting up.
He came back about ten minutes later nice and clean. I did find it strange that he dressed again and thought maybe I had got this wrong. I hadn't. He came and joined me on the bed and he said he liked me and the next thing we knew..our clothes were off.
To save on blushes and people going yuk..let's just say things got rather sweaty and  I really was having rather a jolly time. Felix had a beautiful body, beautiful skin and oh that butt...awesome!
He kept letting out little moans every time I kissed his chest...in fact ,  he let out a little moan every time i kissed anything. I hadn't realised I was that good.
We continued doing the deed for about an hour and eventually Felix asked if I was going to be top. I replied it would be a first if I were. He instantly stopped and gave me a look. I asked what was wrong to which he replied "I thought you said in your profile that you were a top"?
I corrected him. I had actually stated on my profile that I was versatile. I might as well  have said I was a leper because things were not going any further. My comment had well and truly rained on our parade.
We both just lay there, me thinking  why on earth did I say that and him just looking.
He finally spoke and said he preferred to be bottom especially when it was with an older guy. I didn't really know what to say. The moment had passed and there was no way it was coming back.

We both dressed and Felix said he would walk me to the train station. Truth be told, I had done rather well. The intention was that I would be back in Leeds for about 8pm but because we'd gone back to his place, it would be gone midnight before I arrived home.
The train wasn't due for about twenty minutes and he very kindly waited with me until it did. We said our goodbyes and I got on the train, tired and a little bit upset that the evening had ended the way it did.

Was that the last I saw of Felix? Of course it wasn't. Tune in next Tuesday for the final instalment in this trilogy confession.

Until then..I bid the goodnight.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Felix - part 1

Now I know I said I'd be back on Saturday with my latest instalment but just realised I won't actually have access to the Internet on that day. So here I am a few days early and I bet you're all as giddy as a kipper aren't you?

Once again I should warn you that there may be adult content in this blog. Let us commence.

I met Felix on that certain site that I use. He requested a private chat with me and as usual I checked his profile. This one didn't have any pics. As you are all well aware, I do not usually chat with guys who have no pics. It troubles me that this is a dating website yet they don't want guys to know what they look like.
I understand that there are guys who are in the closet, guys who are married and guys who are just plain ugly but come on..it's a gay dating site. If anyone recognises someone they know on this site, you can guarantee that they are probably gay too.
Anyway, on this occasion I decided I would accept the private chat invite.
I started by saying hello to which he replied hello back. Then the usual stuff, like names and which city we lived in and what type of work we did.
Felix was a student at Bradford University and I seem to remember him saying he was studying psychology.

Now I do like students and one of my biggest regrets is that I never went to university. Knowing the people I know that attended university, it sounds like it's one of most wondrous times in ones life.
On top of that, I have met quite a few and fancied the pants of them.
For all you people who are tutting in disgust right now..age is just a number and as long as both are over the age of consent blah blah blah!!!!

Anyway..back to Felix. We chatted for quite a while and eventually I asked him if he had any pics?
He had two so I asked if he could send them to me which he very kindly did. He was stunning and I have to admit, my first thought was what is he wasting his time with me for?
I complemented him on his photos and he said thanks. Then I asked him why was he interested in me?
Apparently he had a thing for older guys and thought I looked cute. I'm not one for taking compliments but was rather flattered at his comment. He also liked the fact that I looked younger than my then 41 years.
For those of you who do not know me..I still look younger and boy do I feel good about that!!

We continued chatting for at least an hour and I thought what the heck..I'm gonna ask him if he wants to meet up. To my surprise, he did.
Like me, he loved going to the cinema so we decided that was what we would do. I would travel to Bradford in 3 days time, meet him at the train station and then go to the Odeon.

We said goodnight and I went to bed in a rather good mood.
The following night we chatted and again the night after that and then the big day arrived.
Whilst I was really looking forward to meeting up with Felix, my brain started to have a whale of time.
What if all this was a big set up? I'd turn up in Bradford and just be stood there waiting for ages and he wouldn't show. What if he saw me and he thought I wasn't good enough? What if I saw him and thought the same?
I wasn't going to let my imagination win and I set off for Bradford. We had exchanged numbers so as soon as I arrived at my destination, I sent Felix a message. He replied he was on his way.
To my relief he showed up all be it a little late. This had not helped the rumblings that had been going on in my  stomach. These rumblings ceased to exist as soon as I saw him.
He walked up to me and said hi.

Tune in next Tuesday to find out what happened next until then I bid thee goodnight!

Saturday, 20 August 2011


Hi guys.

Before I start, I'd just like to say a big massive thank you to Phil and Hayley for helping me with my blog makeover. Hope you like it. Any comments on how it looks would be most welcome.

Now on with today's confession.

You remember I go on a particular gay dating website? I say dating but it really is mostly guys who just want one night stands. I only know of two guys who have gone on to have a long relationship from this site.
Anyhow, I was on the site one night and have to admit, I was feeling rather low. It was one of those I'm so fed up of being on my own days.
So there I was in the chat room reading all the comments. It was the usual stuff. "Any bare backers up for fun tonight" and "black cock for white" are just two that I can remember.
All of sudden there was a private chat request. As usual I checked the senders profile and whilst not quite my type, he wasn't bad. I decided I would chat with him.
He said I had nice pics and asked how my day had been to which I replied thank you and not bad. I then asked how his day had been.
We chatted for quite a while and then somehow we got onto the subject of how nice it would be to just have someone to cuddle up to in bed.
I have no idea how we got onto this subject but we did and I distinctly remember saying that I wasn't even bothered about the sex part. Frank was in the same mind as me.
The comments went back and forth and then Frank suggested that he come to mine just to sleep and nothing else.
Now I don't usually do this type of thing but as I said earlier, I was feeling rather low so I said yes.
Before you finish that gasp, I would just like to add that I did request his mobile number and I forwarded this on to a close friend with a message that read "Guy coming to mine tonight. This is his number, just in case something happens x"
My friend was not impressed and actually replied with the message "You idiot", which was right. I was being an idiot. The urge to have someone sleeping next to me that night was just too great.
I sent Frank my address details and he replied he was on his way.
Now I was nervous and thinking to myself "you idiot..what have you done". It was too late to go back now.

About 20 minutes passed and then my phone rang. It was Frank letting me know he was parked outside. I went to let him in and showed him to the living room.
He took his coat off and sat down. It was then that I realised I had made the most stupid of mistakes. The photos that were on his profile were obviously taken years earlier.
He asked if he lived up to expectations to which I replied "We all look different to our photos in the flesh"
I might as well have said you're nothing like I expected and not in a good way as he knew I was disappointed. I tried really hard not to show it but I'm not that good an actor.

We chatted for a little while, which like so many other times with different dates, was rather strained. It was during this rather dull conversation that I noticed he was slurring his words.
I asked him if he'd been drinking. He had!!!
It was then that I could smell the alcohol on his breadth and it was then that he decided it would be awfully good fun to grab one of my kittens and scare her half to death by balancing her on his hand in mid air.
I asked him not to do that. He said it wouldn't hurt her and continued. Again, I asked him not to and also asked why on earth he had driven all this way whilst under the influence. He put my kitten down and answered that he was not that drunk.
This was turning into a horrible night and I did think about asking him to leave. Of course I couldn't ask. What if he crashed whilst driving back? It would be my fault.
The only solution to this was to actually do what we originally planned and just go to bed..so we did.

I didn't sleep particularly well as Frank snored constantly. Eventually morning came and Frank woke up.
We exchanged good mornings and then I made up some story about having an early appointment.
Frank said he had to go anyway and started to dress. Once he had, we said our goodbyes and I let him out.
Phew! I was still alive, my cats were still alive and he had gone. I text my friend and informed him all was well. He sent a reply saying I was still an idiot but glad I was ok.

A little later on I went to make the bed. Frank had left a little reminder of his stay at my place. On the side of the bed that he had slept were what one could only describe as a mole hill of pubic hair. There was enough to stuff a small pillow. Needless to say, that sheet went straight into the wash.

I still go on the gay dating site and I can honestly say that since that day, i have never ever seen Frank on it.
Maybe he has found a long term partner or he is just too busy providing the filling for small pillows.

Until next Saturday..that's right, it's gonna be a weekly blog from today..I bid thee goodnight!!!!

Thursday, 18 August 2011


WARNING : The following contains things of a rather rude nature.

Not bothered about the warning? Then let us continue.

Tonight is all about my first encounter after a night out on the town.
I'd met up with my very good friend Andy at Queens Court in Leeds. We were both single and both hoping to find love, or if not that then at least a shag. Well, that's how it was on my part.

I had my usual vodka and coke and Andy was on soft drinks as he was driving that night. I always feel bad when I'm drinking alcohol and the other person isn't as you can't help thinking that the other person isn't actually enjoying themselves!

Anyhow, we were drinking away and listening to the music when everyone started making their way upstairs. We followed. That was the procedure and probably still is at Queens Court. You stayed downstairs until 11pm and then you were allowed upstairs where the good stuff happens.

Several drinks later, I decided I needed the toilet so made my way there. Now I don't know if it's a gay thing but when I'm in a gay bar, I have a certain walk when I go to the toilet. Not your usual mincing walk but just a walk different to any other way. It's like I feel all eyes are on me, though in actual fact most of the guys are looking in the other direction at the hottie with the six pack who's just passed me.
Needless to say...I have a walk.

After I'd finished at the toilet and washed my hands. Yes, even when I'm inebriated, I still wash my hands. Shame on all you men..and women who don't.
As I was saying, after I'd finished, I made my way back to Andy and we then made our way to the dance floor.
Whilst dancing, I noticed a guy in the corner, probably in his mid 20's, dark hair, wearing specs and who was quite pleasing to the eye. What was even better was he was looking at me. I checked behind me just in case six pack man was stood there. He wasn't.
I whispered to Andy to have a look, which he did. He confirmed that the guy was totally checking me out.
Maybe it was because I was wearing lenses instead of my usual glasses. All my previous nights out, I had worn my glasses and absolutely had no luck whatsoever with the guys but here I was, different night and new lenses and a guy had noticed me. I was thrilled!!!

Andy suggested we make our way over to him and I eagerly agreed. We danced a little and as we did, I got closer and closer to him until eventually I was practically next to him. I turned and there we were, face to face.
"Hi. Not seen you in here before" I said to him and he replied "No. It's my first time. Just in Leeds visiting a friend"

I asked him his name, which was Ralph and he asked for mine. We then continued to chat. He was a teacher and lived down south, I forget where exactly and whilst I think about it, I can't even remember his real name. Ralph will have to do!
We then decided to have a dance together and he told me this was his last night in Leeds and had to be up early to catch the train back home.
I said that was a shame as we could have done something tomorrow.
As we danced, we made our way to the corner where we ended up having a bit of a snog.
Poor Andy had been left to his own devices whilst all this was happening and I was beginning to feel rather bad at leaving him on his own. I suggested to Ralph that we find him. He agreed which I thought was quite sweet.
What I didn't realise is that Ralph was here with a friend too and when we found Andy and I'd introduced him to Ralph, his friend came over and said it was time to go.
I looked at Andy and he looked at me. What do I do?
I asked Ralph if he really had to go. Of course he had to. He had an early train to catch the next day.
He turned to chat to his friend and then turned back to me.
"My friend said you can come back with us to his place if you'd like"
I replied that I needed to see what Andy was doing. I knew what Andy would say but still thought I should ask. Of course I was right. He said if I wanted to go, then I should. His only stipulation was that he shared a taxi with us so he could see where I would be staying. Wise head for such a young man..that's Andy.

So we made our way to Ralph's friends place which was in Headingley. His friend was still a student.
Before I got out of the taxi, Andy whispered be careful and just have fun. I gave him a hug and departed from the taxi.
We entered the house which wasn't that nice. It was tidy but had a cold feel to it.
Ralph's friend said goodnight and went off to bed.
I looked at Ralph and asked where his bedroom was. "You're looking at it" he replied.
You guessed it...the sofa. I was mortified.
I'd come all this way only to kip on the sofa. Of course I didn't show my objections at having to sleep on the sofa. I was determined this was going to be a fun night.

We chatted a little and then started to kiss a little too. Ralph then suggested we settle down for the night which actually meant we should get down to business.
He had already brought a blanket down so all that was left was for us to get naked.
He turned the light off and started to undress. Maybe it was the new lenses but I could make out his silhouette instantly. I decided to undress too.
We got under the covers, both naked, and started kissing again. He was on his back and I was on top. I then did what came naturally for someone of my persuasion and he let out a moan. A few moans later, he decided he wanted to be on top which was fine with me. As I lay there, I thought I would caress his shoulders and then his back. Oh my god!!!!  There was fur on his shoulders. I touched his back. I was actually naked on the sofa with a hairy gorilla.
If there is one thing I cannot abide it is hairy men. When I say hairy, I am talking who needs a winter jacket when I have all this hair type hairy. It utterly repulses me. You get the picture..I don't like hairy!!!

I lay there with my hands in mid air refusing to touch any part that could include contact with his coat.
Ralph was too busy fencing, though at this point I think my sword had deflated.
I just couldn't believe it. All this time I had longed to be with a man and I end up with Ralph the Yeti.
Could this get any worse..of course it could.

Ralph was reaching the point of no return. I had managed to overcome my fear of his hair and actually managed to knit a lovely pair of gloves from it.
He stopped and asked "Where do you want me to come"
My head was saying anywhere but here but my mouth said on my chest.
He started to wank, steadily getting faster and faster until he did just that. I thought to myself, my turn now.
A thought was as far as it got. As soon as Ralph had relieved himself, he quickly dropped onto me and just as quickly fell asleep.
I'd heard of tales of men instantly falling asleep after they had made love to their wives but thought it was just a joke. Here I was though with Ralph asleep on top of me.
I really didn't know what to do. Thankfully I didn't need to do anything. After what seemed like 20 minutes but in actual fact was only 2 or 3, Ralph awoke and decided he needed the toilet.
As it had only been 2 or 3 minutes I still had a pool of his deposit on my chest. There were no towels or tissue nearby for me to wipe it off. Now what on earth could I use? I grasped in the dark urgently trying to find something before Ralph came back and then I found something.
They say revenge is sweet and boy was it sweet. Fall asleep on me would you with your hairy shoulders and your hairy back. I found the perfect item to wipe up with...Ralph's shirt.
I very quickly wiped and could feel the damp patch in his shirt getting bigger and bigger. I could hear Ralph flushing the toilet so i dropped the shirt on the floor and then pretended i was asleep as he entered the room.

I can't really say I had a good nights sleep that night. When wearing lenses, you're not supposed to sleep in them and this prayed on my mind. Then there was the fact that I was sharing a not so big sofa. Not that that bothered Ralph. He was sleeping like he was in a king size bed.

Eventually morning came and Ralph woke up. I was already awake. My eyes were so dry with wearing the lenses for which was now well over 24 hours.
He said good morning and then said we had to be quick as his train arrived in a couple of hours.
Now you remember that shirt? Of course you do. All I can say is I had no idea. Any normal person who comes to visit a friend would have brought spare clothes. Not Ralph. He proceeded to put on last night's clothes. First his jeans and then the shirt that had his dried up deposit on it. The worst thing was, you could actually see where it was. There were lighter shades on certain parts of the shirt. He was oblivious to it and continued to dress as did I.

We made our way to the bus stop and eventually caught the bus. The conversation was rather dull. Last nights conversation was obviously fuelled by the vast amounts of alcohol I'd had.
Every now and then I caught a glimpse of  one of the crusty patches on Ralph's shirt and couldn't help but smile. He must have thought it was aimed at him but as you are well ware, it wasn't.
I did feel a great deal of satisfaction in knowing just what else he was wearing that day and even more so, knowing he would be on a train for several hours and that other people would notice the patches

We arrived at our destination and walked to the train station. Once there, Ralph stopped and said goodbye. He asked if we could meet up again sometime.
I said I'd be in touch. I was lying and never saw Ralph again!!!

Until next time, I bid thee all goodnight!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Larry - part 2

Now where was I?..Oh yes, I was down to 2 potential dates.

I had reached the final 2 in 2 days so used the 3rd day to get to know them. The guys who made the cut were Larry and Boris (as in previous blog, not their real names). Messages were sent and received and all seemed to be going well. It was looking like I might actually be going on 2 dates, it was that hard to choose.
Little did I know that the decision was to be made for me!
Boris sent me a text asking for my mobile number. Even though things were going smoothly, swapping numbers was not on the agenda for me so I replied to him "I'd like to get to know you a little bit more before I swap numbers. Hope you understand".
His reply was as follows:

Well you can imagine my shock at that message? Needless to say..I did not contact him again.

This meant that Larry was the one I would proceed with.
So far he had told me a fair bit about himself. He was a librarian at the Leeds City Library, good looking , muscular build and sounded like my type of guy.
I was beginning to think that the way he was describing himself, he may be slightly out of my league.
Hate that there is this so called league but never the less..it exists!!!
We continued sending texts to each other over the course of a few days and then I received the text that should have sent me packing.
He wrote "there's something you need to know".
I asked him what was it?
He replied "I live at home with my Mother".

Now as he had told me he was only in his 20's, I just thought he hasn't got round to finding a place of his own yet and I did think it was rather sweet so I replied "that's ok".

Thinking that was the end of it, we continued to text each other. Then it got a little bit weird.
The latest text went along the lines off "I've told mother all about you and she thinks we should meet up".

I was beginning to think that maybe he was a mummy's boy but again, I let it drop.
Little did I realise just how much worse it was going to get.

Every message I received after that one, started with Mother and I. Things like Mother and I think you sound nice and Mother and I feel you should come for tea and I was talking to Mother and she suggests.
I was starting to freak out slightly.
Then one day, I received a text  which started the usual way. I couldn't reply to the text as I was working.
Two hours later, I received a second text which went something like this:

"Mother and I are very disappointed in you. We have opened up our hearts and welcomed you into our lives. We have shown nothing but affection for you, yet you have treated us in an appalling manner.
You have lost out on what was possibly the best thing ever to happen to you. I hope you're happy. Goodbye!"

This, just because I hadn't replied to a text message in the allocated time frame. This was my reply:

"Well I really don't know what all that was about.  Not that I owe you an explanation but if it's because I haven't replied to your previous message, I was at work and unable to.
All I can say is it's been fun. Thanks for the shits and giggles.
And one more thing...say hello to Mother for me!

He replied "FUCK OFF!"

I didn't reply.

Now you would have thought that was the end of it but it wasn't. I was really angry that I'd wasted all my time and energy on this guy and he'd turned out to be a dick and as I suspected, a mummy's boy.
I imagined a Norman Bates scenario. Him at home with his mobile saying look Mummy..another message from that guy I like. His Mother dead in an armchair in the corner of the room.
Anyway, I decided I would go to the library and confront him. I was sure that librarians wore name badges so would be able to pick him out.
The next day i marched into the library. There were 2 guys working and both were rather dishy. Maybe he had been telling the truth about his looks and maybe I should forgive him and try and start afresh.
They were both wearing name badges but neither of them were called Larry.
I decided to stay in the library a little while. It was lunchtime so maybe Larry was on lunch.
To be honest, I had quite a nice hour or so looking through all the books on cinema.
Still no sign of Larry so I decided enough was enough. I would call it a day and put it down to experience.

That was the end of it until a couple of years later.
I was at work one day when a young man, probably late 20's came into the shop I worked in. He was with an elderly lady. They both  did some browsing.  I didn't think anything of it until he came to the counter and uttered those immortal words "Mother and I were just wondering"
Like a bolt out of the blue it hit me. My heart sank and my legs turned to jelly. It took every ounce of strength for me not to fall.
Before me did not stand a good looking man, muscular build and all the good stuff that I had been told all those months ago. Here stood a man who had greasy hair, tobacco stained teeth, a weedy build, scruffy clothing and who had a most revolting smell. A mixture of  rotten tobacco and sweat that was a few days old.
Could this be Larry. Had I indeed had the most luckiest of escapes?
To this day, I cannot be sure he was Larry but what I can say is that the man who stood before me did mention he used to work in a library. Coinsidence??..I think not!!!

So my advice to anyone thinking of placing an ad in the paper to find true love is..Forget it!!!
There are some proper freaks out there.

Until next time. I bid thee all goodnight!!!

Monday, 15 August 2011


I have a friend who thought it would be an awfully good idea to put an ad in the paper to try and find me a potential boyfriend/lover.
At first I was very dubious about allowing this but since I'd been a little down, due mainly to the fact that i was single, I agreed she could do it.
The way it worked was that an advert was placed in the paper saying the usual things...young looking stud looking for love and so on.
You were then given a mailbox number and anyone interested could phone this number and listen to a little message from the person who had placed the ad..in this instance me!
The message part I did not find out until after the ad was placed but according to my friend, her boyfriend did a very good impression of me. Having met her boyfriend, I find this hard to believe.
If the person listening to the message liked what they heard, then they could send you a text to the mailbox which was then forwarded on to your mobile number.
My friend confirmed the date the ad would be in the paper and I have to admit, I was rather excited but at the same time, very  very nervous.

The big day arrived and hey presto, I received a text, then another ...then another  and another until eventually, I had received at least 100 or so text messages.
I was then left with the task of reading all these messages and deciding which ones to maybe reply to.
Any that I deemed unsuitable like "hey sexy, 9" just waiting for you" or "do you wanna come sit on my face" I instantly deleted.
This whittled it down to roughly 50 or so. I then went through the messages again to check ages.
Now it is a well known fact, to anyone who knows me, that I do not do older. The only exception is if they look younger and I mean a lot younger. I'm talking aged 50 but looks 30.
After deleting all the messages from guys older than me, I was left with about 10. These 10 I replied to.
I think my message to them consisted of me saying thanks for the message and maybe asking them what they did for a living..proper sexy talk!!!
The 10 replied and I was left with the decision of who hadn't made the cut after their second message. This was becoming a a rather difficult task so I based it on who replied the quickest.
I now had my top 5 which I thought was a suitable amount for me to manage.
More messages were sent and received and I realised that some of them were not what I was looking for.

Eventually I was left with just 2 guys. It was like an X Factor audition and this was the X Factor final.

Who would eventually win? Tune in tomorrow to find out!!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

I've decided!!!

Hi there.

You'll be pleased to know I have decided just how i'm gonna use this blog.
For now i'll use it to tell of  tales from my past and things that have happened during a regular day.
If I can gain a few followers, i'll then introduce something new.

Today i'm gonna share something from my past.

As you are probably aware, I am into guys..yet to find one that is in to me the way I am him lol!!!
It is in the contract that when you are gay, you have to join certain sites to try and find potential mates.
It was on one of these sites I encountered Bob. Of course Bob is not his real name. One has to be careful not to upset people, even though that person will  probably never read this blog.

On these sites you have photos for the guys to look at. Being a decent person, mine are very tasteful and not photos of my penis or butt like so many others guys tend to put on there.
One can also go to one of the many chatrooms for, you guessed it...chatting.
If a guy likes what he sees and would like to get to know you, then he can request a private chat. Bob did this with me.
Whenever a guy requests a private chat with me, the first thing i do is look at their profile. Checked Bob's and he didn't look bad and more importantly, he wasn't overweight. Apologies to any persons on the large side but i'm only a small frame...you work it out lol!!!!
I accepted the chat and wrote "Hi"
Bob replied "nice trainers" which surprised me. Most guys usually start by saying "what you into" or "are you top or bottom".
I replied thank you  and asked what he did for a living. Turned out he worked as a concierge at an established hotel in Leeds.
The conversation continued and was going really well. Must have been chatting for at least an hour when we decided we should meet up. Being a lover of cinema, I suggested we meet for a drink and then go to cinema. He suggested we do something rather rude at the cinema to which i replied i wasn't one for showing affection in places full of people. He said he understood.
The conversation continued and we eventually decided on a time, date and venue, the venue being Fibre.
Have to admit, i was rather excited at the prospect of going on an actual date.
The big day arrived and my stomach was churning. It always does when i'm meeting up with someone.
Took a bath and got myself ready. Have to admit, i did look rather nice.
Set off for Fibre and i think i arrived a few minutes earlier than planned. Bob turned up and we went in for our drink. I had my usual vodka and coke and Bob had a pint.
We sat down to chat. Now when i say chat, I mean basically me talking. The conversation from Bob was a little on the strained side. Usually i'm the one who finds it difficult to talk to people I don't really know but I was doing rather well this night.
Whilst I was talking, I kept noticing Bob looking at me. At first I thought he was just giving me the once over but it was happening just a few too many times and he was only looking at my bottom half.
I brushed it off and suggested we make our way to the cinema. I can't remember which film we went to watch which is really bad. I do remember that we were the only ones in there.
You remember me saying that i wasn't into showing affection where there are lots of people? Well when the place is empty...i don't mind. Not a single movement from Bob. I wasn't expecting much...just maybe a holding of hands but no...complete and utter nothing.
The film ended and we made our way out. Once outside I asked Bob if he fancied going for another drink.
His reply was that his car was parked at the hotel where he worked and he had to go check on it.
That's what he said..what i heard was "I'm sorry, i'm not really interested in you and can't wait to end this night".
We said goodbye and I set off for home in a rather foul mood.
When I arrived home I went straight onto the website where I had first encountered Bob and who should be on there? You got it...Bob!!!
I was furious and went straight into the chatroom and requested a private chat with him. No response.
This did not bode well with my mood so I decided to send him a message.
This was the message i sent:
Well I think we can safely say that the date was a disaster. You really didn't have to make such a ridiculous excuse to get rid of me. You said you liked me but didn't even attempt to try and hold my hand in the cinema.
If all you wanted was friendship, you only had to say rather than lead me on.

I then pressed send

Not even a second later, the box came up requesting a private chat from Bob. I accepted.
He apologised for not seeing my chat request but had been making himself a cup of tea. This confirmed he had not received my message yet.
I suggested he check his messages. 2 minutes later he came back to me saying he thought the date went well????
Of course I brought up the lack of holding hands to which he reminded me of what I had said in our previous chat. Of course he was right but as I pointed out to him...the cinema was empty. We could have got naked and no one would have seen us (not that I would do something like that..well maybe if the date was with Tom Welling lol)
He apologised and said he didn't really think.
I then pointed out his excuse for ending the night. He said it wasn't an excuse and he really did need to check on his car  and that I could speak to someone at the hotel who could confirm he did go there.
Maybe i was wrong and he really did like me??
We said a couple of other things and then he sent me a link to another website with the words "this is what i an in to".
I clicked on the link...OH MY GOD!!!!...I never knew such sites existed.
The link was a site dedicated to guys who had a trainer fetish. What's wrong with that i hear you say?
Most people have a fetish but this one answered so many questions. Earlier on when he was looking at my lower body in Fibre, he was actually looking at my trainers.
On this sites main page were 3 pictures. Picture 1 was a man smelling a muddy trainer. Picture 2 was man rubbing a dirty trainer against his face and picture 3 (the one that kinda showed my just why Bob was interested in me) was a guy wearing dirty trainers and walking over another guys back.
Bob picked me because of my build. He wanted me to be the guy with muddy trainers who walked over his back.
I went back into the chat with Bob and stated "we'll just be friends".
He asked if I was disgusted to which i replied whatever floats your boat.
Inside my head the word freak was swirling around.
We said our goodbyes and then that was it. I didn't request any more chats with Bob and vice versa.
 I did however bump into him a few months later. Conversation was still strained and his gaze went straight to my trainers.

Looking back i do think i had a lucky escape but i suppose one can't help what turns one on.
Seriously though..muddy trainers?????

Bye for now :-)

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Wallace Arnold reunion

Hi there

Last night was the Wallace Arnold reunion. For those of you who are wondering, Wallace Arnold was a coach travel company. They merged with Shearings Holidays a few years ago which resulted in nealry all the WA staff being made redundant.
The merger created the new company of WAShearings. They have since dropped the WA.
In my opinion and yes i am slightly bitter here, they dropped the wrong part. WA was a much stronger brand name.
Anyhow, back to the reunion, Was organised by a certain Mr Jon Hartley (a most funny man) and held at the Novotel in Leeds.
I met up with my friends, Joan and Lynne at Leeds City Train Station and we went for a drink before our date at the Novotel. 2 vodka and cokes later and we were there.
So many familar faces. Some i'd seen only a few months earlier, Carol, Trish, Frances and Keith. Some i had not seen for quite a while, Fran, Barbara, Beverly, Roland and Lisa to name just a few.

Mr Hartley had sorted some discount at the bar so my tipple only cost £3. Quite cheap if I were to only have the one but hey..it's a reunion!
Several tipples later, we were having a grand old time. I managed to have a chat with nearly everyone which was quite an achievement.
Food was laid on and looked delicious. There was a nice selection which included salmon cakes, pizza, selection of sandwiches and so on. I stayed away from too much bread. Have come to realise that bread is stored in ones spare tyre. Would have liked a sweet for afters but you can't have everything.

After the food, there was more chat and drinks and then people started leaving. I think Joan was the first to go and she was slightly merry, especially as I walked her to the train station. She is hystericaly funny and even more so when she's had a drink or three.
Next to go was Carol..another walk tot he train station but this time Lynne tagged along.
Eventually there was about 10 of us left and then Keith deciced it was time for him to go too. Now usually at the WA accounts nights out (I worked in accounts by the way) I tend to hitch a lift home with Keith. I say with Keith. It's actually one of his daughters who give me a lift.
This time though, I declined a lift. Was having such a good time, I didn't want the night to end.
Keith and Lynne departed and we were down to about 8 people or so.
Another drink later and Lisa suggested I join her and Beverly and go to Queens Court. To say I was tempted is an understatement. Haven't been there in ages and everyone had commented and how good I was looking...I thought you never know, my luck might be in and I might actually meet a decent guy there.
Then common sense kicked in. I had work the next morning so politely declined. Straight away I wished I hadn't.

Then the moment came. It was time for me to leave. Frances had very kindly offered to give me a lift home (don't worry, she only drinks coke) and she had waited so patiently for me.
Said my goodbyes to the remaining few including a rather sozzled Fran.  It was her first night out in months after having a baby. Not that you could tell she'd had a baby. She is so slim!

Arrived home about 1am. Had an absolutely brilliant night and looking forward to the next one in November.
Big thank you to Jon for organising it.

Shame the day after wasn't as good ...that's a whole different story!!!

Friday, 12 August 2011

The one and only

Hello there.

Was at the gym today doing my usual stuff when who should walk in but Chesney Hawkes.
I wasn't 100% sure until i noticed that familiar mole on his face. He certainly is a lot smaller that i thought. Chesney that is..not the mole!
He went upstairs for a workout which gave me chance to ask Grant (he works at the gym) if i was right.
Guess what..i was!
He'd done a gig last night at the Library and was staying at the Hilton.
That was enough for me. I went straight upstairs with the hope of maybe talking to Mr Hawkes.
He was on the cross trainer so i went on the rowing machine, which was right next to him. We are talking a gap of centimetres.
My brain was working overtime. Do i speak to him or don't i? In the end i decided he probably wanted to be left alone so didn't talk to him.

So if ever you come across this blog Mr Hawkes, I wasn't ignoring you. Just letting you have your privacy.
On a final note..I can't believe he's 39. He looks so young and dare i say, rather dishy!

Still haven't decided how i am going to use this blog. For the time being i'll stick to posting things that happen during a typical day for oneself.

Bye for now!

Thursday, 11 August 2011


So this is a blog?
It's all new to me but thought, what the heck...i'll give it a try.
Not sure just how i'm gonna use this. I'm sure i'll figure it out .

My name is David and i have dreams....massive dreams, no gigantual dreams!!!
You get it...i dream big!

I dream of owning my own film production company, a record label, a museum dedicated to film, a nightclub with a different theme for each night and i'm not talking "all drinks £1".
I even dream of buying Roundhay Park in Leeds and building a theme park.
Speaking of Leeds, this is where i was born and have lived for 44 years. It's a great city but could be so much greater.

Would like to say i'm well travelled but that is not the case. Another of my big dreams...travel the world, maybe stay at  one of my many apartments? Would love one in New York that is exactly the same as Monica's apartment in Friends.

I'm gonna stop now...just gone midnight and i'm shattered and just noticed i've used the word dream far too many times!!!

Bye for now.