Sunday, 14 August 2011

I've decided!!!

Hi there.

You'll be pleased to know I have decided just how i'm gonna use this blog.
For now i'll use it to tell of  tales from my past and things that have happened during a regular day.
If I can gain a few followers, i'll then introduce something new.

Today i'm gonna share something from my past.

As you are probably aware, I am into guys..yet to find one that is in to me the way I am him lol!!!
It is in the contract that when you are gay, you have to join certain sites to try and find potential mates.
It was on one of these sites I encountered Bob. Of course Bob is not his real name. One has to be careful not to upset people, even though that person will  probably never read this blog.

On these sites you have photos for the guys to look at. Being a decent person, mine are very tasteful and not photos of my penis or butt like so many others guys tend to put on there.
One can also go to one of the many chatrooms for, you guessed it...chatting.
If a guy likes what he sees and would like to get to know you, then he can request a private chat. Bob did this with me.
Whenever a guy requests a private chat with me, the first thing i do is look at their profile. Checked Bob's and he didn't look bad and more importantly, he wasn't overweight. Apologies to any persons on the large side but i'm only a small work it out lol!!!!
I accepted the chat and wrote "Hi"
Bob replied "nice trainers" which surprised me. Most guys usually start by saying "what you into" or "are you top or bottom".
I replied thank you  and asked what he did for a living. Turned out he worked as a concierge at an established hotel in Leeds.
The conversation continued and was going really well. Must have been chatting for at least an hour when we decided we should meet up. Being a lover of cinema, I suggested we meet for a drink and then go to cinema. He suggested we do something rather rude at the cinema to which i replied i wasn't one for showing affection in places full of people. He said he understood.
The conversation continued and we eventually decided on a time, date and venue, the venue being Fibre.
Have to admit, i was rather excited at the prospect of going on an actual date.
The big day arrived and my stomach was churning. It always does when i'm meeting up with someone.
Took a bath and got myself ready. Have to admit, i did look rather nice.
Set off for Fibre and i think i arrived a few minutes earlier than planned. Bob turned up and we went in for our drink. I had my usual vodka and coke and Bob had a pint.
We sat down to chat. Now when i say chat, I mean basically me talking. The conversation from Bob was a little on the strained side. Usually i'm the one who finds it difficult to talk to people I don't really know but I was doing rather well this night.
Whilst I was talking, I kept noticing Bob looking at me. At first I thought he was just giving me the once over but it was happening just a few too many times and he was only looking at my bottom half.
I brushed it off and suggested we make our way to the cinema. I can't remember which film we went to watch which is really bad. I do remember that we were the only ones in there.
You remember me saying that i wasn't into showing affection where there are lots of people? Well when the place is empty...i don't mind. Not a single movement from Bob. I wasn't expecting much...just maybe a holding of hands but no...complete and utter nothing.
The film ended and we made our way out. Once outside I asked Bob if he fancied going for another drink.
His reply was that his car was parked at the hotel where he worked and he had to go check on it.
That's what he said..what i heard was "I'm sorry, i'm not really interested in you and can't wait to end this night".
We said goodbye and I set off for home in a rather foul mood.
When I arrived home I went straight onto the website where I had first encountered Bob and who should be on there? You got it...Bob!!!
I was furious and went straight into the chatroom and requested a private chat with him. No response.
This did not bode well with my mood so I decided to send him a message.
This was the message i sent:
Well I think we can safely say that the date was a disaster. You really didn't have to make such a ridiculous excuse to get rid of me. You said you liked me but didn't even attempt to try and hold my hand in the cinema.
If all you wanted was friendship, you only had to say rather than lead me on.

I then pressed send

Not even a second later, the box came up requesting a private chat from Bob. I accepted.
He apologised for not seeing my chat request but had been making himself a cup of tea. This confirmed he had not received my message yet.
I suggested he check his messages. 2 minutes later he came back to me saying he thought the date went well????
Of course I brought up the lack of holding hands to which he reminded me of what I had said in our previous chat. Of course he was right but as I pointed out to him...the cinema was empty. We could have got naked and no one would have seen us (not that I would do something like that..well maybe if the date was with Tom Welling lol)
He apologised and said he didn't really think.
I then pointed out his excuse for ending the night. He said it wasn't an excuse and he really did need to check on his car  and that I could speak to someone at the hotel who could confirm he did go there.
Maybe i was wrong and he really did like me??
We said a couple of other things and then he sent me a link to another website with the words "this is what i an in to".
I clicked on the link...OH MY GOD!!!!...I never knew such sites existed.
The link was a site dedicated to guys who had a trainer fetish. What's wrong with that i hear you say?
Most people have a fetish but this one answered so many questions. Earlier on when he was looking at my lower body in Fibre, he was actually looking at my trainers.
On this sites main page were 3 pictures. Picture 1 was a man smelling a muddy trainer. Picture 2 was man rubbing a dirty trainer against his face and picture 3 (the one that kinda showed my just why Bob was interested in me) was a guy wearing dirty trainers and walking over another guys back.
Bob picked me because of my build. He wanted me to be the guy with muddy trainers who walked over his back.
I went back into the chat with Bob and stated "we'll just be friends".
He asked if I was disgusted to which i replied whatever floats your boat.
Inside my head the word freak was swirling around.
We said our goodbyes and then that was it. I didn't request any more chats with Bob and vice versa.
 I did however bump into him a few months later. Conversation was still strained and his gaze went straight to my trainers.

Looking back i do think i had a lucky escape but i suppose one can't help what turns one on.
Seriously though..muddy trainers?????

Bye for now :-)


  1. This is actually hilarious.

  2. I like trainers too. Not like that though! Knee high socks and heels however...

    Funny story Dave!

  3. I once went on a date with someone who then sent me a link to 'Brazilian fart porn' where ladies held their bumcheeks open while the other one sniffed it up like she was wafting a Glade. There's some fucking weirdos out there!

  4. I hoped you would never tell anyone this Dave. Still thinking of you stomping on my back though one day ;)
    lot's of love


  5. You put penis in the tags

  6. i want the link for the fart site

  7. These blogs need pictures Dave! Get with it man!