Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Felix - part 1

Now I know I said I'd be back on Saturday with my latest instalment but just realised I won't actually have access to the Internet on that day. So here I am a few days early and I bet you're all as giddy as a kipper aren't you?

Once again I should warn you that there may be adult content in this blog. Let us commence.

I met Felix on that certain site that I use. He requested a private chat with me and as usual I checked his profile. This one didn't have any pics. As you are all well aware, I do not usually chat with guys who have no pics. It troubles me that this is a dating website yet they don't want guys to know what they look like.
I understand that there are guys who are in the closet, guys who are married and guys who are just plain ugly but come on..it's a gay dating site. If anyone recognises someone they know on this site, you can guarantee that they are probably gay too.
Anyway, on this occasion I decided I would accept the private chat invite.
I started by saying hello to which he replied hello back. Then the usual stuff, like names and which city we lived in and what type of work we did.
Felix was a student at Bradford University and I seem to remember him saying he was studying psychology.

Now I do like students and one of my biggest regrets is that I never went to university. Knowing the people I know that attended university, it sounds like it's one of most wondrous times in ones life.
On top of that, I have met quite a few and fancied the pants of them.
For all you people who are tutting in disgust right now..age is just a number and as long as both are over the age of consent blah blah blah!!!!

Anyway..back to Felix. We chatted for quite a while and eventually I asked him if he had any pics?
He had two so I asked if he could send them to me which he very kindly did. He was stunning and I have to admit, my first thought was what is he wasting his time with me for?
I complemented him on his photos and he said thanks. Then I asked him why was he interested in me?
Apparently he had a thing for older guys and thought I looked cute. I'm not one for taking compliments but was rather flattered at his comment. He also liked the fact that I looked younger than my then 41 years.
For those of you who do not know me..I still look younger and boy do I feel good about that!!

We continued chatting for at least an hour and I thought what the heck..I'm gonna ask him if he wants to meet up. To my surprise, he did.
Like me, he loved going to the cinema so we decided that was what we would do. I would travel to Bradford in 3 days time, meet him at the train station and then go to the Odeon.

We said goodnight and I went to bed in a rather good mood.
The following night we chatted and again the night after that and then the big day arrived.
Whilst I was really looking forward to meeting up with Felix, my brain started to have a whale of time.
What if all this was a big set up? I'd turn up in Bradford and just be stood there waiting for ages and he wouldn't show. What if he saw me and he thought I wasn't good enough? What if I saw him and thought the same?
I wasn't going to let my imagination win and I set off for Bradford. We had exchanged numbers so as soon as I arrived at my destination, I sent Felix a message. He replied he was on his way.
To my relief he showed up all be it a little late. This had not helped the rumblings that had been going on in my  stomach. These rumblings ceased to exist as soon as I saw him.
He walked up to me and said hi.

Tune in next Tuesday to find out what happened next until then I bid thee goodnight!

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