Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Luke - part 1

I think it must be law that gay men have to be members of Blockbuster as I have encountered quite a few during my time there.
It was there that I first encountered Luke. The moment I saw him, I just knew I liked him. He was roughly 5ft 9", slim and had the look of young Andy Roddick.
He would come to the store a couple of times a week and we would usually end up chatting. On more than one occasion, I think I made it quite obvious that I liked him and I think he liked me back. You could never be too sure though. He could have been one of those customers who just liked to chat.
At the time, I also worked full time at Wallace Arnold and every time Luke frequented Blockbuster, I would go to work the next day in a very good mood.
This went on for a few weeks  and I had actually reached the stage where I could talk to him without blushing. This was all well and good but talking was as far as things were going. I wanted more.

It was very rare that I went to Queens Court on my own but on this particular night, I decided I would go out for a few hours. I knew it would probably be a quiet night as I was still quite shy and unsure on how to approach guys.
After a few vodka and cokes, it was reaching the time where everyone went upstairs and I was quite looking forward to having a bit of a dance, all be it on my own.
There was still a few minutes to go so I just sat down and waited patiently. It was whilst waiting that I noticed a familiar face in the crowd. My face instantly lit up. It was Luke.  He looked stunning in black trousers and a slimfit white shirt. My first thought was one of smugness as I knew all along he was gay and my gaydar was usually rubbish.
Then Luke noticed me, smiled and made his way over. My legs turned to jelly but I knew I had to stay calm and not muck this opportunity up.
"It's Mr Blockbuster". he said to me. This was a line I heard constantly whenever I bumped into customers whilst I was out. It usually pissed me off but on this occasion, I was more than happy to hear it.
"What are you doing here"? I said to him. It turned out he came to Queens Court regularly. I proceeded to ask if he was here on his own. He wasn't. He was here with friends.
This was music to my ears as at least he wasn't here with a boyfriend. Now I had reached the tricky part. Should I tell him that I have fancied him for weeks now and would love to get to know him. Should I try and find out if he liked me or should I just play it cool? I decided on the latter.
We chatted for a few minutes and then he invited me to join him with his friends which of course I accepted. His friends were ok and I managed to maintain a conversation with most of them but to be honest, all I was interested in was Luke.
An hour or so had gone by and in that time, we had made our way upstairs, had a few more drinks, chatted and danced and I was genuinely having a most splendid time in his company.
Then Luke decided it was time for him to go home. They were all going back to a friends place to play spin the bottle. I was asked if I would like to join them but I declined the offer. As much as I wanted to, there was still a shy guy inside me and that guy did not partake in such games.
It was time for me to go home too. Deep down, I was bitterly disappointed that I was still none the wiser with regards to what Luke thought of me but there was hope. When we said goodbye, he did say that he would probably see me again as he would be out the following week.
I went home alone but with a smile on my face. The evening had been wonderful and had confirmed what I already knew... that I really liked Luke and had never wanted to be with a guy as much as I wanted to be with him.
Tune in next week to see what happened next

Until then, I bid thee farewell!


  1. Why hasn't this guy got his own magazine column ? well written and a good read.

  2. and i was always mrs bb's. prolly still am to many lol

  3. First line is missing a word or something, it doesn't flow right. Must 'be' members? Anyway, yeah good read, but proof read it a bit more.

  4. Thanks Reece. I do proof read but sometimes the little buggers slip throught the net lol.
    Hope it hasn't put you off.
    Thanks again :-)

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