Friday, 23 December 2011

Cristmas stocking - number 1

Well here it is folks..the guy I would love to see most in my Christmas stocking.
Before I reveal who it is, could we have a moment of silence for the guys who didn't quite make it to my top 12?

They are:

Jon Richardson - Comedian
Robert Pattinson - Actor
Olly Murs - Singer
Todd Rosset - Gay Porn star
Keanu Faria -Gay Porn star
Ryan Reynolds - Actor
Daniel Radcliffe - Actor
Matt Baker - TV Presenter
Jonathan Edwards - Athlete
Brad Pitt - Actor
George Clooney - Actor
Matt Smith - Actor

Each one of them have qualities I admire in a man but the 12 that made it, just had the edge.

So who made the top spot....drum roll please

1. Tom Welling
Those eyes!

Chicken fried rice for me please Tom!
  Tom Welling has appeared in two fairly successful movies, Cheaper by the Dozen and the remake of The Fog but it is his 10 seasons of playing Clark Kent in the very popular Smallville that he is most famous for.

If I were to compile a list of my all time favourite shows, Smallville would feature very highly in it. I loved the strorylines, the effects, the casting, the music...basically everything about the show I loved. Tom Welling, however, was the main reason I watched it. This American beauty had me hooked from the very first episode.
It's no surprise that he was a model before turning to acting but what is a surprise is that he actually turned down the role of Clark Kent twice!
The makers of Smallville must have known he was the right choice to play this part to have asked him a third time and how right they were to pursue him. Could you imagine anyone else playing him? I know I couldn't.
Tom went on to become Executive Producer on the show and even directed a few episodes.
After 10 seasons, time was called on the show and watching the final episode was a sad day for me.
It ended whilst ratings were still high which is a bonus for any show, especially after 10 seasons.
Personally, I would love to see a few TV movies or even a cinema version with all the original cast but I doubt that will happen.

At 6 foot 3", Tom is of course too tall for the likes of me but that doesn't stop me wanting him in my Christmas stocking with those gorgeous eyes, perfect lips and a body to die for. Since the show ended, there are rumours that Mr Welling has put on a few pounds. Whilst this could cause a bit of a squeeze with the 11 other guys in my stocking, I don't really care. To me, Tom is my number 1 guy!

The smile!

He's my Superman.

And this is how I want him in my stocking!

 So there you have it, my top 12 guys.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this festive edition of my blog just as much as I have enjoyed compiling it.
Coming soon is part 2 of the Luke confession and many more of my guilty pleasures.

All that remains to be said is thank you, please continue to read my blog and a very Merry Christmas to you all.

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