Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas stocking - number 5

Well we're at the half way stage of this festive edition of my blog and this is where things really hot up.

5. Zac Efron


Please make your way to my Christmas stocking.
Looks good in a suit!

Zac Efron is of course famous for the High School Musical films. The acting was utter tosh and the dialogue as cheesy as cheesy puffs but they were watchable. After the franchise ended, he went on to star in 17 Again, a film I actually really enjoyed.
Mr Efron is now trying to find more serious roles to show he can indeed act, with Charlie St. Cloud being his most recent offering. I have yet to watch this film but have been told it is very very good.
It was when he appeared on the Graham Norton show that I noticed just how handsome and how nice he is.
He knows he's a good looking chap but doesn't play on that. If anything, he plays it down. I find this a rather sweet and endearing quality in him.

Still, there is no getting away from the fact that he is absolutely gorgeous and even if my Christmas stocking was full, I would make sure he fit in it somehow.

See you tomorrow when we continue my countdown.


  1. Back in Russia Zac is pretty over most the lady girls. I like man with more rough and ready. He like twig

  2. he make sorry english is not good

  3. Hi Dimitri

    Thank you for all your comments. Glad you are liking my blog.
    Why not let your friends know all about it and see if we can help the Russian guys to the top of my hits list.

    Thanks again :)