Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas stocking - number 4

Welcome back to the festive edition of my blog and the next hunk to drop into my Christmas stocking.
Here we go:

4. Ian Somerhalder
Just look at those beautiful eyes!

 I first gazed eyes on Mr Somerhalder whilst watching the first season of Lost and was instantly smitten.
How could anyone not be, with his dark luscious lashes and his smouldering good looks. He reminded me of Rob Lowe in his younger days, so of course that was an added bonus.
I was instantly hooked on Lost too and looked forward to every episode in the hope that he would appear in it.
What did they do?....they killed him off.
Mortified is not the word to describe how I felt. Needless to say, I lost interest in Lost, though he did turn up again in the final season, looking as gorgeous as ever.

These days Ian is better known for Vampire Diaries, a show I have yet to watch. I really should give it a go, especially as he spends quite a lot of his time shirtless in the show. Apparently, his co-star in Vampire Diaries, Paul Wesley, is also of a lush nature. I have included a photo of Paul so you can decide for yourselves. Perhaps a Christmas threesome could be on the cards?

Complimentary shirtless pic.

Better than Ian? decide!

For me, Ian is the clear winner and he would make an awesome addition to my stocking. Now where is that love potion when I need it?

Only 3 to go. Can any of you guess who my top 3 will be? Pleas leave your guesses in the comments section. Anyone who guesses correctly will get a mention in my blog.

See you tomorrow.


  1. u REALLY need to watch vamp diaries... love it LOVE IT

  2. Here's the rest of his list;

    1. Gollum from Lord of the Rings.
    2. Wolfman
    3. Swampthing