Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas Stocking

There are 12 days until Christmas ( I know it's 11 but damned connection was rubbish yesterday, so was unable to post my blog) and I have decided to join on the festive fun.

For each of the 12 days, I will let all you lovely people know just who I would love to see in my Christmas stocking. I say stocking..Christmas bed would be better.

The 12 lucky guys could be from the world of film, music, porn, sport..basically they will be famous!

Today the countdown starts with numbers 12 and 11.

12. Mark Wright
Even nicer look!
A very nice look!

Mr are so my Mr Right!

I know what you're all's his body! Well I'm not going to deny that isn't one of the reasons why I would love to unwrap Mr Wright on Christmas Day...he does have a rather lush body after all!
The reason Mark has risen in my rankings is quite simply due to his time in the jungle.
I'm not a big fan of I'm a Celebrity but this year I found myself watching it quite a bit and I have to admit that he came across as a really nice genuine person. Of course this could all have been for the cameras but I honestly believe what we watched was the real Mark Wright and I totally warmed to him.

11. Jason Paradis
PG version!
Bel Ami studios( are famous for picking young studs and grooming them into experienced porn stars. Jason was one such star, appearing in several of their features.
He just oozes sex appeal with those beautiful eyes, youthful skin, muscles to die for and he has the most perfect penis I have ever seen on a man.
The reason Jason Paradis is in my top 12 is down to pure dirty lust!!

Tune in tomorrow for number 10

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