Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas stocking - number 2

Here we are folks..the final 2 in my festive countdown and just who didn't quite make it to the top spot? This was a difficult decision for me  to make but I think I ended up with the right one.
So who is my second choice? on to find out.

2. Elijah Wood

 Ladies and Gentlemen..I give you Elijah Wood.
Elijah started his career in television adverts but it was in the film The Faculty that I first noticed him. I absolutely loved the film and was impressed by how good he was.
Of course he most famous for playing Frodo Baggins in  the Lord of the Rings movies, a role that I cannot imagine any other actor playing. He was born to play that part and will be playing him again in The Hobbit.
He is also the voice of Spyro in the Spyro computer games.

So what is it about Elijah that fast tracks him to my top 2? His piercing blue eyes is one reason. The fact that at 5 foot 6", he is a mere 1" taller than me, is another. His softly spoken voice, his lovely smile and that in real life, he is just such a nice person.
He may not be the most handsome of actors out there with his pale skin and nerdy looks but to me he is beautiful to look at and an absolute Adonis.

There are rumours that he may be gay and how I wish this were true. I say that in the hope that if he is, he will see this blog and ask me out on a date. One can dream!

So there it is. Elijah has narrowly missed out on the top spot but he deserves his place in my Christmas stocking.

Tune in tomorrow to see who made number 1. I will also reveal some of the guys who missed out on my top 12.

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  1. revealing guys who missed out? will they be one armed weirdos with teeth missind and saliva drooling down their faces? thats what it would take lol