Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas stocking - Number 7

Here we are with another piece of eye candy for my Christmas stocking.

7. Gary Barlow
Love this photo.
Has he got the X Factor?

If you had asked me several years ago which member of Take That I fancied the most, the answer would most definitely have been Mark Owen.
Ask me today and my answer is Gary Barlow.
Who would have thought  that he would mature into the good looking man he is today?

It's no secret that he was a little on the chunky side for quite a while but now he manages to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep those times of his larger self a distant memory.
With the return of Take That and Mr Barlow's turn as judge on X Factor, he has never been so popular.

I won't deny that the slimmer Gary is attractive to me but it is something else about him that I really admire. That something is his attitude towards other people. It doesn't matter who they are or where they come from, Gary will not be anyone but himself when talking to them. Some celebrities forget their roots when they hit the big time but not Gary.
Still gorgeous, even with wrinkles!

So Mr Barlow, could it be magic if you were to be in my Christmas stocking?
You bet your dollar it could!
Yes you have a few more wrinkles now and I doubt you are as buff as you appear to be but the fact are now the most handsome member of Take That!

The countdown continues tomorrow.

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  1. I date a man look just like the Gary Barslow from boy band Blue. he one eye very lazy not see so good.