Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas stocking - Number 6

Let the festivities continue with my Christmas countdown.

6. Harry Judd
I like this photo!
 Well here's a surprise edition to my top 12. I have always been a bit of a fan of McFly and their music and thought they were a set of good looking guys but no one person stood out from the group.
Recently though, Mr Judd seems to popping up in a few solo pictures and all I can say is ..Oh my God!
How handsome has he become?Obviously being the drummer of the band and stuck at the back of the stage, the public haven' noticed just how attractive he is.

What with Dougie's win on I'm a Celebrity and Harry's on Strictly Come Dancing, the boys are making sure the we don't forget who they are, which means lots of interest in their tour next year and a possible increase in downloads. Their publicity manager must be loving life right now.

I like this photo much more!
Anyway, back to Harry. As you can see, he has been working out quite a bit and I'm sure all that dancing will have helped too.
His time on Strictly has shown him to be a very charming young man and just how much he has matured since the early days of McFly.
He looks amazing and it's no surprise he was the cause of many hot sweats for Bruno Tonioli whenever he danced.

So Harry is a most welcome addition to my Christmas stocking and who knows, if ever I was in the mood for an orgy, I may accommodate the other McFly guys too lol.

Why not try and guess who will be next on my countdown?
Tune in tomorrow to see if you guessed correctly.


  1. Reading your blog I've decided you are a shallow and fickle person

  2. You're probably right about being shallow and fickle which is probably why I'm still single!!
    It is fun writing this blog and I hope people can see the funny side of it too :)

  3. Anonymous should crawl back under their rock, like the little gremlin they are.

  4. jim varley says its so easy to write things without putting ur name to it. grow some balls Anonymous and get urself outa the closet.

  5. Thanks to Phil and Jim for backing my corner.
    Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I would hope that whoever reads my blog can see it's meant to be funny and most of it at my own expense.

    Thanks again guys :)