Friday, 2 December 2011

Guilty Pleasure 3

It's that time of the week when I announce to the world another of my guilty pleasures. This weeks recipient is Mr Graham Norton.

Yes are my guilty pleasure!
This is an unusual one for me as I did go off him for quite a while. I still found him and his chat show very entertaining but just didn't fancy him. The reason for this I cannot explain but the attraction is now back and as strong as ever. So what is it that makes me want to ravish Mr Norton so?
I can assure you it is not his dress sense. Those suits! What on earth is he thinking when he picks them? It's like all taste is thrown out of the window when he chooses one, though sometimes he does surprise you and wears a nice outfit. Alas, this is a rare occurrence and most of the time it's like watching a bizarre version of Mr Benn!
It's not the bags under his eyes that attract me either. Does the man not sleep?There is a surgeon out there somewhere who is just itching to get a knife to them, though I feel Mr Norton without the bags would not be as attractive.
Neither is it the fact that he hosts Eurovision and many other camp shows and is absolutely brilliant at it.

(Graham's suit collection?)

The reason I am attracted to Graham Norton is is his humour!
I love the fact that he puts his guests at ease and then ridicules, insults and basically takes the piss out of them but in a way where he and the guests know it's just for a laugh.
You just know that after the show they'll go up to him and say how much fun they had and then offer to take him out for a drink. Look at what happened with Liza Minnelli and David Guest..he was invited to their wedding..the swine!!!
It's also his facial expressions. He is an absolute pro when it come to those. It's as if he went to the Royal Academy of Facial Expressions and was tutored by none other than the kings of facial expressions, Frankie Howard and Larry Grayson .
There is also the added bonus that I do actually find him very attractive and I defy anyone not to love his Irish accent. It's not as strong as some but never the less I love it.

Yes, Mr Norton would make a perfect boyfriend for me, just as long as he didn't expect me to wear the same over the top suits as him.

I await your call Graham :)


  1. Genuinely creeped out by that last pic! MUAHA! I looked twice

  2. Hah on my phone I thought that photo was real lol did you make that?

  3. My good friend Phil of Project Photo Doodle did all the photos. He's a genius!

  4. Love this blog, especially the Guilty Pleasures!!!