Friday, 30 December 2011

Luke - part 2

A little later than anticipated due to Christmas and my Christmas stocking selection but here it is folks, my final blog for 2011.

I could not get Luke out of my head and longed for another night out, hoping that he would be there too.
He had come into Blockbuster a few times since that night and we had chatted but it was hardly the place to tell him how much I liked him. 
I got the vibe that he liked me but just didn't have the nerve to act on it.
This went on during several visits to Queens Court and whilst I was happy to be  in his company, I would go home cursing myself for not taking things further. On the odd night that he didn't show, I would go home in such a foul mood. It couldn't continue this way. I had to find out what he thought of me.

Rob worked at Wallace Arnold and was also gay. We had chatted on many occasions about Luke and how I felt about him but was too scared to do anything about it. It was decided that he would join me on a night out so he could meet Luke and find out for me.

The big night arrived and there I was at Queens Court waiting patiently. An hour or so passed and neither one of them had turned up. There was the possibility that Luke wouldn't as I hadn't seen him at Blockbuster to let him know I would be there.
Eventually Rob arrived and by this time I had made my way upstairs. We had a few drinks and it was whilst I was at the bar buying another round that I noticed Luke walking past. I felt giddy inside and couldn't wait to tell Rob he had arrived. It was whilst telling him that I began to feel really nervous. This night could be the night I find out how he felt about me. What if my vibes were totally screwed up and all he wanted was friendship? I decided that if that was what he wanted, then so be it. At least I would know.

Luke was on the dance floor when I eventually met up with him. We said our hello's and had a little boogie and then I told him that my friend would like to meet him. He said ok and we made our way to him.
"Rob.this is Luke. The guy I 've been talking so much about" I said.
Rob said hi and Luke said hi back and then looked at me. I looked back and then that was it. What happened next just seemed so natural. We just started to kiss. I was literally stood next to Rob, snogging the guy I had spent weeks trying to decipher if he liked me or not.  Obviously he did and those weeks were indeed wasted weeks.
We stopped for a second, looked into each others eyes and then started again. My entire body tingled with pure pleasure with each brush of his lips against mine.
We stopped again and I turned to Rob with the biggest grin ever. Luke excused himself saying he needed to let his friends know that he wouldn't be re-joining them
"What just happened"? I said to Rob.
He confirmed that it was obvious he liked me and that I should go with the flow.
We both agreed that the way it happened was very romantic, just like a scene from a 1940's romantic movie.

When Luke returned, it was Rob's turn to excuse himself. He had already told me he was going to do this and would call it a night so we said our goodbyes.
Luke and I made our way to some seats and started to kiss again. In between kisses we chatted. I told him how I had wanted to do this for weeks but was too nervous. He had been the same with me.
It didn't matter that we had wasted all that time. What mattered was that we both now knew how each felt about the other and we were at last acting on it.

Tune in next week to see what happened next in the final instalment of this confession.

Until then, I bid thee farewell and wish you all a Happy New Year..see you in 2012!

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