Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Luke - part 3

So there we were, myself and Luke in Queens Court having a most splendid time. A little bit of chat and lots of kissing took place with the odd nibble on the ear thrown in for good measure. I could not believe that this absolutely stunning guy was interested in me. Any doubts I had about his intentions were forgotten with each kiss from him. I was the hummingbird..he was the nectar.
We decided to go for a dance and as we walked towards the dance floor, Luke held my hand. I was literally being swept off my feet by him.
Steps were very popular at that time and whenever one of their songs came on, the dance floor would suddenly be chock a block.
It was a a bit of squeeze but it didn't matter. We spent most of the duration of the songs with our arms round each other, partaking in even more kissing. Try and imagine an attempt at the world record for most amount of kissing in one night..Luke and I were smashing it!

Queens Court was about to close for the night so now was the time to decide what we would do next. I asked if he would like to stay at mine? He was more than happy to accept my invite. I was even happier!
When we reached my place , I realised all I had in to drink was a small bottle of Smirnoff Ice. We decided to share it but I felt like a rubbish host. After that night, I made sure I at least had a bottle of wine in my fridge, just in case.
After a bit of chatting, cuddling and even more kissing, it was time for bed and it is here that I made what was probably the worst decision I have ever made. I actually looked Luke in the face and said that nothing would happen tonight because I had work the next day. He was fine with this and at the time, I thought I was doing the right thing.
We made our way to the bedroom and stripped to our underwear. He had a beautiful body and knowing that I would soon be lying beside him made me so happy. The temptation to take things further was agonising but I settled for more kisses and cuddles. Eventually we both drifted off to sleep.

The following morning I awoke feeling happier than I had felt in a long time. Luke woke up a few minutes later. It felt a little strange someone else being in my bed. After all, this was the first guy I had ever invited back to mine.

At work that day I told a few people of my brilliant night. They were very happy for me, especially as they knew how much I liked Luke.
I bumped into Rob and after apologising for kind of dumping him at the QC, I told him what happened after he had gone home. He was mortified that we didn't have sex and said I should have phoned in sick.
On reflection, his idea did make sense.  I had longed to be with a guy for ages and definitely had the chance with Luke but put work first. The word idiot was well suited for me at that moment.

I was working an evening shift at Blockbuster after work and had arranged for Luke to meet me there. He was staying at mine again and this time sex was on the agenda and work could go to Hell.
I was so eager to get home as quickly as possible, I asked my mate Danny (who was also working) if he could give us a lift home. He was happy to oblige.

After a little supper, I put on my fake yawn and said I was ready to go to bed. Once again we stripped to our underwear and within minutes were in bed.
I faced Luke and said to him "I really like you Luke so where do we go from here"?
His reply was " I like you a friend".
Those few words caused such devastation inside me but I knew I couldn't show it, so my response was "If I had known that was what you were going to say, we would have had sex last night".
I really didn't have much else to say after that apart from "Goodnight".
That night I didn't sleep very well. If he wasn't interested, why on earth was he asleep in my bed with me at his side? I just didn't understand.

We met a few more times after that night and he even slept at mine a couple more occasions. I suppose I was hoping he would eventually see me as more than a friend. It wasn't to be though.

The last time I spoke to Luke, he had recently married and also had a couple of children. I didn't bother asking him if he was bi or was now totally straight.

It's been quite a few years since I saw Luke but I can't help but smile at the thought of him. He totally had me smitten.
Of all the guys I have seen since him, none has ever kissed as good as he did and that first night we slept together is the best nights sleep I have ever had.
Was he playing me for a fool. Was it me. Was he unsure of his sexuality or did he really like me but just chickened out? Unless I ever bump into him again to ask him these questions, I will never know.

Until next time, I bid thee farewell.


  1. This is such a brilliant blog

  2. I do not understand why work the following day would stop anyou from having sexy sex? Lightweight!

    1. Lets just say I learnt form that mistake lol!