Saturday, 28 January 2012

Naveen - part 1

Hi folks. Sorry for the delay but here it is, the latest of my confessions.

Naveen had sent me a private chat request and as I had looked at his profile on Gaydar a few days earlier and thought he was pretty cute, I accepted.
He was only 22 which is why I had removed my trace when I originally looked. 22 was just a little too young but I didn't want to appear rude.
Naveen was a student at Leeds University and originated from India.
He thought I looked nice and was attracted to the older man. Being nearly double his age, I definitely fell into that category. He was also looking for a serious relationship as he was fed up with one night stands.
My original thoughts were how can someone so young be looking for a serious relationship. Surely at his age, it's all about having fun? The alarm bell in my head was ringing but I continued to chat.
After an hour or so, he asked if we could meet up. My gut feeling was to say no but he was coming across as a rather nice chap, so I said yes instead.
We arranged to meet at Queens Court a couple of days later.

Two days later, there I was outside Queens Court. We had exchanged numbers so I sent a message to Naveen letting him know I was there. He had never been to QC which is why I was waiting outside.
Seconds later I received a call. It was Naveen asking for directions. It turned out he was actually quite close and within two minutes of receiving the call, we were in Queens Court.

We made our way to the bar and I ordered our drinks. The barman looked at me and then asked if I had id. I looked at him and asked if he was joking?
He wasn't and requested id to prove I was 25. I didn't have anything except credit cards.
"Well how old are you" he asked in a very sarcastic manner to which I replied "I will be 44 in August".
The barman looked at me vacantly and then said "Oh!...I wished I still got asked for id".
He served me my drinks and I walked away with he biggest smile on my face.
Naveen wasn't asked for id which just made me feel even better.

So far the date was going just swell. Tune in next week to find out what happened next.

Until then, I bid thee farewell.


  1. lol...and how many times did we hear that id story.....

  2. a lot of talking, but wheres the confession? sorry this was nicely written but boring. Give us a little more!

    1. You are quite correct.Not one of my best. Hopefully you will find part 2 much better.
      Thanks for the feedback and for reading the blog :)