Monday, 6 February 2012

Naveen - part 2

Myself and Naveen had found a quiet spot in Queens Court and were chatting along nicely. His parents still lived in India and he was in the UK on his own.
It was quite amusing listening to him talk, as there were certain words he couldn't quite master. I had to be quite alert when he came across one so I could guess what he was trying to say. There were the odd few where I had to ask him to repeat the sentence. On one, I had to ask him at least three times to repeat it and in the end just pretended I understood. Even though it was a bit tiresome, I did also find it rather cute of him.
He was very attractive but his dress sense, which consisted of a white shirt and black trousers, was not appealing. It was smart but not very trendy and I do like a man who makes the effort to impress.
I asked if he had come straight from work, thinking that maybe this was why he was dressed this way, but he had left his job a few weeks ago and was now unemployed.
This did not bode well with me but I didn't show it and he did say he was trying to find something else.
It was at about this time that the curly fries I had ordered arrived. On the subject of curly fries, can I just say Queens Court..there were far too many. I had ordered for one but there was enough for two or even three people. Still, better too much than too little.
I offered Naveen some of the fries but he declined. Looking at his figure, I got the impression that he was careful with what he ate and fries were a no no.

We ordered another round of drinks and then got down to the serious stuff. I asked why he went for older men and in particular, why me?
He had had enough of one night stands with guys his age who said they wanted more but finished it after they had got what they wanted. I could relate to this.
The reason he fancied me? Well I'd like to say it was because of my dashing looks and Adonis like body but he just said I seemed like a nice guy. It was enough to keep me interested and we continued to chat.
He loved to walk, watch horror films and was studying architecture at university.
I told him quite a bit abut myself and he seemed to be genuinely interested.
We finished our drinks and as we had been in Queens Court for a couple of hours, I asked him if he'd like to go somewhere else? He thought that was a good idea.
I suggested we go for a cuppa and as he had told me he liked to do this, why not take a steady walk to my place? He thought this was an even better idea.
We thanked the bar staff and off we went, though as soon as we set foot outside, I regretted my suggestion to walk. It was freezing!

Want to know what happened next? Tune in next week to find out.

Until then, I bid thee farewell.

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