Monday, 27 February 2012

Naveen - part 4

I don't know why but I always presumed that Asian men always had average size cocks. Maybe this belief was fuelled by the fact that you don not see many of them in mainstream gay porn? One of my earlier encounters (Felix) was Indian and his was average size. I had made the mistake of tarring all Indians with the same brush. How wrong could I have been as here I was face to face with an absolute beast of a knob attached to a guy from India.
It was quite slender which I was thankful for. At least I wouldn't get lockjaw.
I took a deep breathe and started my approach, first the tip and then slowly taking a bit more until I had about three quarters of his shaft in my mouth. Naveen let out a gasp as I increased the speed and a moan every time I went down to the base.
(Those of you impressed by me being able to reach the base, well what can I was bloody awesome work by me)
I needed to stop for a breather so I let Naveen have a turn on me. He was very very good but I was itching to go down on him again. Wanting the best of both pleasures, we ended up in the 69 position. Having tried this before with previous encounters and it never really being that great, I was rather sceptical of trying it again. I needn't have been concerned. With Naveen it was pure toe curling ecstasy. My whole body was a mass of tingling sensations and I didn't want it to stop.
Eventually the word intercourse raised it's head. I grabbed a condom from the drawer and watched him as he rolled it onto his manhood.
I'm not a legs over the shoulders kind of guy, more of a on my side and front or on top. On this occasion I chose to turn onto my side. A splash of lube here and there and we were ready for action.
Naveen took aim and within seconds, the tip of his protected penis was inside me. I gasped and then shouted out "BLOODY HELL". He had made the mistake of thrusting before I was relaxed. Just how painful was it? It was bad. Needless to say, he withdrew straight away.
"Shit shit shit" I cried "that bloody hurt".
He couldn't apologise enough and was most distraught that he was the cause of this pain. I could see he had just been a little too eager and hadn't meant to hurt me, so I wiped away my tears and suggested he let me guide him in and guide him in I did. First the tip, followed by a couple of inches then another inch until, within a minute, we had full penetration.
"Now you can start thrusting" I laughed at him and so he did, slowly at first but gradually speeding up. I rolled onto my front with him still inside me, feeling quite pleased with myself for being able to achieve this.
The pleasure I was feeling took me back to my encounter with Tristram, only this time I was determined not not cry out like a banshee.
We changed positions again, this time with Naveen on his back and me riding him. I have to admit, this way is one of my favourite positions mainly due to the fact that I am the one in control. One can speed it up or slow it down whenever one pleases.
On this day, I was at full speed. So fast that if we had been wired up, I am sure there would have been enough electricity generated for several household appliances.
We were both about to reach planet orgasm so I detached myself from Naveen's penis and suggested he masturbate the rest of the way. As he did, I caressed his testicles ever so gently. With each caress he let out a moan. I kissed his chest, his neck and finally his lips, all the while his hand vigorously tossing away.
He screamed out with pure pleasure as I watched several eruptions of sperm shoot out onto his stomach, some landing closer to his chest. I took over to make sure he got every last drop out and then went down on him one last time.
After a minute or so, I stopped and looked at him.."my turn now" I said.
It didn't take long and before I knew it, there was more sperm on Naveen's body. Like him, I let out several moans with each wave of my orgasm. After the last tingle, we embraced and kissed, the produce of our hour of passion now joining forces.
It had ended perfectly.

We lay there for a few minutes basking in the afterglow. I turned to Naveen and suggested we take a bath. This we did and within half an hour we were both clean, fully dressed and ready to go. He was going to catch the bus back into Leeds so I said I would walk him to the bus stop.
Before we left, Naveen turned to me and said he really liked me and couldn't wait to see me again. We had one more kiss and then were on our way.

Tune in next week for the final part in this encounter. I'm off for a cold shower,so until next week, I bid thee farewell.

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