Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Naveen - part 3

The cup of tea I made for myself and Naveen was most welcome especially as the walk back to my place had been a very cold journey.
We had found quite a lot to talk about and the chat continued at mine. He was very taken with my cats Will and Grace which of course is only natural. They are beautiful cats after all.

We both knew exactly what we were at mine for. The question was, who was going to make the first move?
The way he looked at me made me believe he wanted to kiss me. Truth be known, I wanted to do the same to him but it was more than obvious that we were both a little nervous.
In the end I decided to take the bull by the horns and I just asked Naveen if he would like to kiss me? He did.
I eased my way over to his side and we did, soft and sensual, just how I like it. Each one filled me with pleasure and I hoped it felt the same for him too.
It did. He snuggled up close to me and I could feel his erect penis through his trousers. I was beginning to feel excited myself, especially when I started to caress his buttocks which were most firm. I then made my way to his front and undid his trousers, making it easier for me to slip my hand in. My hands wandered back to his perfect and now bare butt. The excitement I was feeling, increased ten fold.
Naveen unbuttoned his shirt and revealed his rather slim but beautiful torso.
We started kissing again and whilst we did, he slipped his hands under my top and held me in his firm but erotic grasp. I responded by moving my hand to his crotch, slowly slipping it into his briefs and grabbing hold. His penis felt huge.
All was going well so we decided it was time to move things to the bedroom. Will and Grace followed us but were quickly shown the door.
Naveen stripped down to his briefs. To say they were ghastly is an understatement. I felt a little twinge of disappointment that they weren't Calvins, Hugo Boss or even a nice pair of Next. The disappointment soon died when I noticed the massive bulge inside the briefs. I was a little nervous that he may be too big. Dislocating my jaw was not on the agenda for me.
I took my trainers and socks of, quickly followed by my jeans and finally my top. I WAS wearing nice underwear, Calvins if I remember rightly.
We slipped under the duvet  and started kissing again. This time our hands were all over each others bodies. Within seconds we were both minus our underwear. The bulge that had made me feel nervous was now a huge throbbing penis and I was about to try and take it in my mouth.

Tune in next week to find out what happened next.

Until then, I bid thee farewell.

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