Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Guilty Pleasures

As part of my confessions I will present to you a occasional 'Guilty Pleasure', an unlikely Adonis I find myself attracted to for some truly bizarre reason.

Today I must confess my unholy desires for...

Johnny Robinson

Yes, I know...please don't judge me. I know he's not much to look at but there is just something about Johnny. His personality seems to dazzle me. You just know deep down he's got a heart of gold. He would make you a nice cup of tea on a morning, sing you a little song and have your crumpet buttered just the right amount...believe me, I'm fussy when it comes to crumpet!!!

BUT, he looks like an extra from a bad zombie movie! He dresses and looks like a chav who has just robbed the local Primark. That is, until he speaks and you hear those lady like tones. Look at him! Just give him a black robe and a scythe and you'd think he'd come to take you to meet your maker!


But, despite all this, his personality shines through, like a beautiful sunset from a classic Disney movie.

SO, here's the science bit;

As you can see from this pie chart, personality counter balances any flaws. Believe me I always go for hotties, usually way out of my league and definitely younger than me! But somehow Johnny has managed to light a spark. So if you're reading this Johnny...well, the balls in your court!!!


  1. Brilliant! SO funny. AS IF!!!

    Who is next weeks? WHO?! Can't wait

  2. This is the best post yet!

  3. get rid of the captia thing though, almost didn't post a comment! They annoy the hell out of me. That text you have to put in first.

  4. Fuuny! almost spat out my cola lol