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Hello folks. I hope you are all well and eager to read my latest confession.
You will pleased to know that this will be rated PG rather than the usual 15 or 18. For those of you that are disappointed, wait for next week. It's going to be a corker!

During my younger years, I always tried to go out a couple of times each week. Monday and Thursday was cheap night at Queens Court so these were usually the nights I went.
This particular week, my friend Richard and I decided to go out Thursday, mainly due to the fact that it was cheap night at Mission too and it is less than a minute walk from QC.

The plan of action was to arrive at Queens Court for about ten, stay there until midnight and then go to Mission, where we would dance the night away or at least until it closed.
Whilst at QC I had several drinks and was feeling quite merry. I had seen very little action so that was all I was feeling.
A little bit of dancing took place and a few more drinks and soon it was time to head off for Mission. You always knew when it was that time as Queens Court suddenly resembled a ghost town.
We made our way over and were confronted with the usual never ending queue. This meant we would have to wait at least twenty minutes to enter the club. We didn't mind that night as it was really warm and we had nice people in front and behind us. When I say nice, I mean they didn't smell of sweat. There is nothing worse than standing near someone who doesn't know what deodorant is and even in the gay world that still occurs.
We were moving closer and closer to the entrance and soon we were within two minutes of entering. When we reached two minutes, this was usually the time I would flirt with the doorman. If I'm doing the flirting, you know I've had a drink but on these occasions it was always in jest.

The time had arrived. We were allowed to enter the club. Upon entering Mission, you are hit with that smell. Not a nasty smell, more of a sweet aroma. The cause of this aroma was the smoke machines that would blast out big puffs of smoke every few minutes on the dance floor.
We paid the usual five pounds, had our hand stamped and headed for the bar. A drink or two later, we were dancing again, occasionally being engulfed by the clouds of smoke which kind of makes one feel like a rock star. Don't you dare try denying it doesn't.

After a few dances, I needed the toilet and informed Richard of this and that I would be buying another drink. The toilets at Mission are unisex which is always interesting especially when  you are greeted by a couple of lesbians partaking in a little domestic.
It was whilst I was washing my hands that I bumped into Lawrence. Was that a "at last" I heard from all of you then?
Lawrence was in his mid 20's, quite attractive and had ginger hair. Ginger is usually a massive turn off for me but there was something about him  that the colour of his hair just did not bother me.
I said hello to which he reciprocated. We exchanged names and then I headed for the dance floor alone.
Don't worry. That wasn't the end of Lawrence. I went there to let Richard know I had met someone and that we had clicked. Richard was more than happy to continue dancing and leave me to chat with Lawrence.
Mission has four bars or at least it did way back then and one of these bars was based in a chill out area. It was in this area that I found Lawrence again. I asked him if he'd like a drink. He did and so I bought him one along with my usual of course.
We chatted for ages and he made it more than obvious that he was attracted to me as was I with him.
After a while we decided to go for a dance. This was the perfect opportunity for me to introduce him to Richard. I did just this and I think he was rather relieved that he wasn't on his own again.
After a little chat at the edge of the dance floor, a song came on that I liked. I grabbed hold of Lawrence and we started to dance, slowly making our way into the middle of the floor. Song after song was played and danced to and if I had any doubt that Lawrence liked me, it was erased by how close he was dancing with me. When I say close, I mean close. Let's just say if he had been excited, I would have felt it!

The night was going well and I didn't want it to end. I had reached the point where I had to decide whether this was a one night situation or whether it could be several nights and days. I decided it was the latter.
A couple more songs were played and then I needed the toilet. Lawrence was happy to stay where he was as was Richard so off I went. I literally was only a couple of minutes and headed back to the guy who had made my evening just perfect.
That perfect night ended the moment I entered the room. I was confronted with Lawrence and Richard dancing together. Nothing wrong with that you say? You remember earlier how I described the way Lawrence was dancing with me? That's how he was dancing with Richard.
I marched over to them with a face like thunder. They both stopped and Lawrence excused himself and rushed to the toilet.
"What the hell do you think you are doing"? I shouted at Richard.
He said they were just dancing.
"Not like that you don't. You know I like him"
Richard then proceeded to tell me that Lawrence had made the first move and how he had said that he liked him. Then came the slap in the face. Richard liked him back.
Furious is probably too tame a word to describe how I was feeling. How could he do this to me?
Richard and I had had many nights out together and he knew it was a big thing for me not only to click with another guy but to also make the first move. I felt betrayed and needed some distance from him.
I made my way outside. Thankfully it was still warm.
Lawrence was also outside so I confronted him. All that was going through my head was that I had spent hours trying to get to know this guy, even bought him a drink or two and all of it in vain.
"What was all that about"? I said to him. He said it was nothing and that I was reading too much into it.
"I don't think I am". I said, "We just spent hours chatting only for you to try and get off with my friend".
Then I asked him the question that should not have even been asked.
"So who do you want. Me or Richard"?
"I like you both" he replied "How about we have a threesome"?
My jaw dropped to the ground.
By this time Richard had also exited the club and he caught the last bit of Lawrence's question. I looked at him and he smiled. I didn't smile back.
Richard then suggested we take up his offer to which I quickly declined. As far as I was concerned, the night was over.
I said my goodbyes and hailed a taxi. On the way home I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened and how stupid it made me feel.

That  was the beginning of the end for my friendship with Richard. Although I forgave him, our nights out together started to occur less and less often and as I write this blog, it has been three years since I last saw him. I always felt that he liked me more than a friend and perhaps that was why the Lawrence incident happened.
The truth be known, if it had been with someone other than Richard, I would have said yes to the threesome.

I never saw Lawrence again and to this day, I do not know if he and Richard spent the night together.

Until next time, I bid thee farewell.


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