Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tristram - Part 3

The day of the the meet with Tristram had arrived and I was nervous but also very excited.
Leading up to this night, we had continued to chat on MSN, Gaydar and on the phone. I had even been lucky enough to see his bare butt. We had been chatting on MSN and he got up to grab a drink with only a towel wrapped around him. Of course, the towel dropped and revealed his bare flesh. I liked what it revealed.
Anyway, back to the date. I caught the train to Bradford and met up with my friend Marc and his then boyfriend. Tristram was due to meet us within half an hour and like the perfect gentleman, he was on time. He glided down the escalator like an advertisement for Next.
I did the required introductions and we made our way to the theatre. It was packed and there was very little space to move.
We decided to have a drink and Marc suggested we seperate so I could have a chat with Tristram. The show wasn't due to start for twenty minutes so I agreed.
Both of us were nervous but we still managed to have a decent chat. I complimented him on his outfit as did he with me. To be honest, we both looked fabulous!
The twenty minutes flew by and before we knew it, we were making our way to our seats.
First on were Four Poofs and a Piano and they were really good. They sang about six or seven songs and chatted with the audience a little.
I had seen them on the Jonathan Ross show and remembered that one of them was a little on the chunky side. He had obviously been working out as the first thing I noticed was how trim he was looking. He confirmed his loss of weight a little later.
Then they were finished and received a raptuous round of applause.
We waited about ten minutes and then it was time for Joan Collins.
The tour was basically Ms Collins chatting about her life in front and behind the camera. Things like her early start in movies and her time on Dynasty.
She looked gorgeous, was very interesting and I was loving it.
Whilst watching her, Tristram had his arms crossed and every now and then he would accidently brush my arm with his. If it wasn't his arm, he would brush me with his thigh. Every time he did this, it sent a tingle up my spine.
The interval came and we went for another drink. We stayed together and chatted about the show so far. I remember I didnt have time to finish my drink as they announced the show would restart in a few minutes.
We made our way back and Ms Collins proceeded with the remainder of her chat. Like the Four Poofs, she received a rousing round of applause and a standing ovation of which you could see, she was rather pleased to receive.

We made our way to the exit of the theatre. Marc asked if we were going for another drink. Unfortunately, Tristram's train was due in ten minutes so he couldn't. We walked to the train station which is literally over the road from the theatre. As there were other people waiting for trains, I couldn't really say much about the night to Tristram or even give him a kiss. He said his goodbyes to Marc and his boyfriend and then it came to saying goonight to me. We decided to shake hands which may sound strange but if you could have seen how we actually shook hands. It was done in a way where we both saying this is actually me giving you a kiss. It was rather sensual and seemed to happen in slow motion.
I walked back towards Marc occasionally turning to wave to Tristram as he made his way up the escalator. Then he was gone.

Marc and his boyfriend were looking at me in a rather strange way. I asked them what was wrong. They said nothing. I then asked them what they thought of Tristram. They replied it didn't matter what they thought, it was what I thought of him.
I told them I liked him but knew from their previous reply and the funny looks both continued to give me that something was troubling them. Once again I asked what was wrong.
Marc replied "Did you not see his shoes"? I have to admit, I had not taken the blindest bit of notice of his shoes. I had been too mesmorised by everything else.
Marc proceeded to tell me how the first thing you should always look at when dating a man, is the condition of his shoes.
They had looked at his and they were rather shabby. I had never heard of this and was quite bemused at how the condition of a gay man's shoes could tell you what kind of person he was.
I decided they were talking noncence and said I would be seeing him again. They said it was up to me but he would not have got a second date with either of them. By this time we were at Marc's car and he proceeded to drive me home.
We said our goodbyes and I thanked them for the extra tickets.
I had only been home for about two minutes when I received a text. It was fom Tristram. His text said he had enjoyed the night and particularly the time he had spent with me. His exact words were "When I saw you from the top of the escalator, I knew I liked what I saw".
That was what I called a result.
We chatted a little more, the emphasis being how we both really liked each other and how we couldn't wait for the next date. I also mentioned how I noticed his accidental brushes against me whilst watching the show and how I liked them. He was rather pleased I had noticed and of course, the brushes were no accident.

Tune in next Tuesday for the next instalment and don't forget my next guilty pleasure on Thursday.

Until then, I beed thee farewell.

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