Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Tristram - part 4

First things first. Apologies for the lack of a Guilty Pleasure blog last Thursday. This was due to technical difficulties beyond my control. Hopefully it will be sorted out in time for the next one.

Anyway, back to Tristram and please be warned, there may be sexual content in this blog!

Those of you who read last weeks blog will know that my first date with Tristram had gone very well. Marc and his boyfriend didn't think much to him but I didn't care. I was smitten!

We were on MSN chatting about the date and how well it had gone when Tristram suggested I visit him at his home in Heckmondwike and stay the night. This basically meant come and visit and we can have sex which I was more than happy to participate in.
We chatted a little more and I told him that if I was going to stay the night, he would have to run me a bath with lots of bubbles and candles dotted around it. He agreed to my terms.

The big day arrived and my stomach was full to the brim with butterflies. I had never been so excited and nervous in my life and frequented the toilet numerous times.
Tristram had sent me several messages letting me know how much he was looking forward to seeing me which just added to my excitement.

Whilst on the train to Heckmondwike I sent him a message saying I had set off. He replied instantly asking me to text him when the train was nearly there. His intention was to meet me at the station and he would drive me to his house.
I did as he asked and just as he had intended, he was there waiting. He was most courteous and opened the car door for me, after he had put my overnight case in the boot.
As soon as he was in the car, he leaned over and gave me a kiss.
"I've been wanting to do that ever since Joan Collins" he said. I was more than happy to reciprocate.
What was strange was the fact that passengers were walking passed the car and could obviously see what was occurring and I didn't care. All that mattered was I had known this man for about two weeks, we had been on one date and now, at last, were were kissing  and I was loving it!

After our little kissing session, Tristram drove to his place. On the way, we decided we would eat out. He knew of a local pub near his place that had built quite a reputation for serving excellent food. It sounded really nice and what sounded even nicer, was that Tristram was paying.
We dropped my case off and he gave me a little tour of his house. I wasn't impressed with the downstairs. In the corner of his living room he had a row of shoes and thanks to Marc's comments previously, I couldn't help but have a really good look at them. They were all in a well worn state.
The room itself was a little untidy. The carpet was shabby and he only had a two seater sofa and a rather dated television set.
Tristram said he was in the process of selling the house and a lot of his stuff was in storage. He then showed me upstairs. The bathroom was immaculate and rather spacious. The bedroom was fine, a nice carpet, set of nice drawers in the corner, decent curtains and so on. What I wasn't sure about was the mattress on the floor. It had a sheet, pillows and duvet but never the less, there it was on the floor. Apparently the rest of the bed was  in storage along with everything else. The lack of a complete bed did not bode well with me but I did an awfully good job of not showing this.

We made our way to the pub for our meal.  The pub was situated at the side of the river and we had a splendid view. I ordered chicken supreme and Tristram ordered some sort of pie with veg. It was very busy but we didn't seem to wait that long before the meal arrived. We had ordered drinks too. The usual vodka and coke for me and I forget what he ordered.
There wasn't much chat throughout the duration of the meal but it wasn't silent either. I have to say, my chicken supreme was delicious but very filling and true to his word, Tristram paid the bill.

We returned to his place and settled down on his two seater sofa to watch some television. It was Saturday night so there were some decent programmes on, though we missed quite a lot with the chatting we were doing. A couple of hours later he asked if I would like to go to bed. "What about my bath" I said to him.
He thought I was joking when I'd said I wanted him to run me a bath full of bubbles and so on. I wasn't joking!
Tristram disappeared upstairs and about ten minutes later he called me. I rushed upstairs and into the bathroom and there it was..a bath full of bubbles with tea lights all around the rim. There was no need to have the light on there were that many.
"You wanted a special bath" he said, "Well here it is"
I was overjoyed at his gesture and found it very romantic.  It may sound like nothing to a lot of you but no-one had ever done anything like this for me before. Quick as a flash I was out of my clothes and into the bath. The fragrance of the tea lights and the foam bath mingled to create a beautiful scent.
I turned to Tristram and asked if he cared to join me. Seconds later he was in the bath too, seated behind me.
He started to wash my back and then he put his arms around me. I turned and kissed him.
"That's to say thank you for doing this for me" I said to him. He moved closer to me and I could feel his now erect penis against my back. "Someone is happy to be in here aren't they?" I laughed at him. He laughed back and decided to get out. It was when he was wrapping the towel around his waist that I noticed it. He was circumcised. I asked him why he was and whether it was uncomfortable. It wasn't as the operation occurred when he was very young and he was used to the sensitivity.
Whilst he was telling me about this, I had also vacated the bath and wrapped a towel around me.
Tristram led me into the bedroom. The moment had arrived.

Tune in next week for the 5th and final instalment in this confession.

Until then, I bid thee farewell.

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