Thursday, 3 November 2011

Guilty Pleasure 2

One of the main reasons I watch Celebrity Juice is not because it is ridiculously funny or out of support for a fellow Leeds man, but because of today's guilty pleasure. I am talking of  the one and only Rufus diggitty dawg!!
With his handlebar moustache, you would be forgiven for thinking he had just walked out of a 1970's porn movie or joined a Village People tribute band or even starred in a 1970's porn movie as one of the Village People. Stick him in some leathers and you know which one he would be!
Normally I don't go for men with too much facial hair or, for that matter, men with tattoos.  Mr Hound has both. Don't get me wrong, if a tattoo looks good on a man, then I don't mind, but Mr Hounds tattoos look ghastly on him. Never the less, this has not hindered my lust for the man and there are two reasons as to why.
Those reasons are his beautiful blue eyes and his ever youthful and healthy skin.
Whenever I watch him on Celebrity Juice, it is like the good Lord himself shines his light on Rufus like one of his Angels descending from Heaven.

He stands out from the rest of the panel. Maybe it's all down to a bloody good lighting manager on the ITV2 show but whatever it is, he looks darn good!
Add to this his charm, charisma and near perfect timing when delivering a joke and you have a perfect specimen of a man.

Rufus Hound, despite your tash and the tattoos that really don't suit you, you certainly float my boat.
Of course, if we were to become an item, I would send you away to have those tattoos removed and you would have to tone up a little, but you can keep the tash!!


  1. haha love it !!!!

  2. these are the best of your other confessions! Brilliant. The photos are genius! Keep em coming!