Monday, 7 November 2011

Tristram - part 5

Hello folks and welcome to the final instalment of this confession.
Before I start, I do need to clarify one thing. Thanks to my good friend June from New Zealand, I have been advised that I have made a tiny little mistake. Heckmondwike does not have a train station or a river. It was in fact Hebden Bridge where Tristram lived. I feel so foolish to have mixed my towns up and even more foolish as I have never even been to Heckmondwike. Thanks June x.

Right then, back to the confession and please note, there is sexual content in this instalment.

There I was in Tristam's bedroom with his nice curtains, set of drawers mattress and of course..Tristram.
He was totally naked but I had decided to put my boxers on. No idea why I did as they were going to be back off within minutes.
I got into bed whilst he turned the light off. A few seconds later, Tristram was in bed beside me. We snuggled up together and started kissing. We continued to caress and as we did, the kissing became more passionate. It felt amazing to be so intimate with someone. After quite a while, Tristram made his way to my boxers and gently pulled them off. It was obvious what he was going to do next and I let out a gasp as he did. He then did something I had never had done to me before. I don't see what all the fuss is about with regards to rimming as it does nothing for me. Maybe he was doing it wrong or maybe it's just not my thing. I left him to it, pretending it was really turning me on. It did cross my mind that he might want me to this to him and there was no way on this earth I was going to. I needn't have worried. after he had finished, he looked up at me and asked if he should put a rubber on. This was the moment I had been waiting for. Tristram would be the first man I would have intercourse with.
He walked over to his chest of drawers and took a condom from one of the drawers along with a tube of lube. He walked back and lay down by my side. It was whilst he was putting the condom on that I realised just how huge he was. Inside I was a little panic stricken. It wasn't so much the length but the girth of his penis.
It was too late to back out now and if I'm honest, I didn't really want to.
I lubed up and then laid back and waited for him to enter me with my legs over his shoulders. He was very gentle and took his time but it wasn't going to happen in this position. It was just too painful.
He asked if I wanted to try a different position or not bother? I was determined intercourse would take place that night so opted for another position. This time I lay on my front. Once again he took his time and though still a little painful, he entered me. Within a minute or two, the pain had gone and were actually making love and I was loving it. Each thrust filled me with excitement and pleasure I had never felt before. Every nerve in my body just tingled and I did not want it to stop.
We changed positions again with me now sitting on him. First I was facing him and then with my back to him. It was this way that gave me the most pleasure. He wasn't thrusting anymore. I was riding him, going faster and faster sometimes with Tristram holding my hips, sometimes with his arms around my chest. Every now and then he would grab my penis which just made me tingle even more.
By now I was reaching the point where I was going to climax. I turned to Tristram and panted I was very close to doing so. "Go ahead" he said.
I started to go even faster, so fast I think I could have generated electricity and then it happened. An explosion of pure pleasure from every part of my body. I had never ever had an orgasm like this. It seemed to go on for ever and with each one I let out a moan. Anyone who remembers the scene from the film Porky's where Kim Cattrall's character has an orgasm..that was me, only not howling!!

I slept very well that night and the following morning, we tried again. This time though, I couldn't take it so Tristram masturbated instead. I did wonder to myself if last night had been a one off and maybe I wouldn't be able to do it again. I was being silly. It's all down to how relaxed you are and obviously I wasn't.

After a shower and breakfast it was time to go. Tristram had had a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits and I couldn't help but notice how the way he was munching on his biscuits irritated me. This grated on my mind most of the way home.
We arrived at my home and I thanked him for a wonderful night and said how much I looked forward to another night with him. We kissed and said our goodbyes.

The following day at work I was in a brilliant mood and couldn't wait to tell all my work mates how well it went. Everyone was really pleased for me. I mentioned how the way he ate his biscuits had irritated me but if this was all that bugged me about him, then I was sure I could live with it.
That same day I sent Tristram an email saying how much I'd enjoyed our night together and how much I was looking forward to seeing him again. He didn't reply.
The day after I sent him another email and a text. He didn't reply to those either. One of my work mates suggested he had got what he wanted and no longer interested. Then another colleague suggested the same thing and then another. Were they right. Surely not?

The next day I decided to send Tristram another email.  I can't remember exactly what I wrote but it was something along these lines :
Had a great night the other night and really like you but haven't heard from you since. I do hope it's not what my work mates are suggesting and that now you've had what you wanted, you're not interested. Hopefully that is not the case.

I received a reply that went something like this:

I've been very busy and not had time to reply. How narrow minded of your friends to think something like that. If that's how you feel then I don't really want to see you again.

My friends were right. He had used me. Marc was right too. He said there was something about him that didn't feel right. I felt foolish and then I felt angry and wanted to show him I wasn't bothered. I decided to send him one final email and it went something like this:

Steady on there tiger. I didn't say that was what I was thinking. Just had a really good night and wanted to feel your  knob inside me again. It was fun whilst it lasted so no worries.

I was lying though. Inside I was absolutely gutted and felt totally used. I just couldn't believe that someone could go to all that trouble just to have sex. Surely that's what one night stands are for?

Tristram did not reply to my final email and I never saw him again, online or in person.
Thinking back whilst writing this, I can't help but wonder if he was actually with someone else at the time. Maybe that was why he was in the process of moving house. Could he have been moving in with his boyfriend?

I've put this encounter down to experience but one thing I can say. I have yet to have another orgasm like the one I had with Tristram!!!

Until next week, I bid thee farewell.

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