Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tristram - Part 2

Hello folks, it's that time of the week again.

Now where was I? Oh yes...Tristram and I had hit it off but I wanted to make sure he was genuine by asking him to be on Gaydar the next day at a specific time.
The next day arrived as did the time and to my surprise, he was there. I was absolutely thrilled.
We chatted for ages about everything and nothing. After about an hour, Tristram asked if I had webcam as he thought it would be a good idea to chat on MSN. I did have an account but not webcam. He however had both, so whilst he could not see me, I would be able to see him.
We said our goodbyes on Gaydar and then hello again on MSN two minutes later. I have to say, he looked even more handsome in the flesh and he had obviously taken notice of what I liked as he was wearing clothes from Next.
We continued to chat for at least another hour and it was nice being able to see him smile and laugh every  time I wrote something funny. Eventually it was time to call it a night and we decided we would exchange mobile numbers. I still wasn't ready to meet up with him, at least not yet. He was fine with this.
I logged off from Gaydar and started to watch a bit of television. A few minutes passed and then I received a text. It was from Tristram and it was a rather sweet message. He said he liked me and was looking forward to eventually meeting me. My reply basically said the same and  I said I would catch him on MSN the following night.

The following night arrived and then the next and the one after that and it became more than obvious that we were both into each other. We continued to text and chat and even spoke on the phone. It was going very well and I decided a meet was definitely on the cards.

One night I received a call from my good friend Marc. It was the perfect opportunity to tell him all about Tristram. He was over the moon for me.
I told him that we hadn't met yet and that I wanted to, sooner rather than later. Marc had an idea. He and his then boyfriend had tickets to go see Joan Collins and Two Poofs and a Piano in Bradford and he had two spare. He suggested I had the spare tickets and ask Tristram to join us.
It was a good idea but I wasn't sure he would like to, not only meet me for the first time, but also two of my friends.
I phoned him and asked. To my delight, he said yes to the idea. We were, at last, going to meet up and I was really looking forward to it.
The Joan Collins gig wasn't for another week but all the arrangements had been made. We would meet at the train station, go for a drink and then on to the show.

Find out how it all went and what happened after the show next week.

Until then, I bid thee farewell.

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  1. good god that was too short i wanna know what happened !