Thursday, 11 August 2011


So this is a blog?
It's all new to me but thought, what the heck...i'll give it a try.
Not sure just how i'm gonna use this. I'm sure i'll figure it out .

My name is David and i have dreams....massive dreams, no gigantual dreams!!!
You get it...i dream big!

I dream of owning my own film production company, a record label, a museum dedicated to film, a nightclub with a different theme for each night and i'm not talking "all drinks £1".
I even dream of buying Roundhay Park in Leeds and building a theme park.
Speaking of Leeds, this is where i was born and have lived for 44 years. It's a great city but could be so much greater.

Would like to say i'm well travelled but that is not the case. Another of my big the world, maybe stay at  one of my many apartments? Would love one in New York that is exactly the same as Monica's apartment in Friends.

I'm gonna stop now...just gone midnight and i'm shattered and just noticed i've used the word dream far too many times!!!

Bye for now.

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