Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Felix - part 2

Now where was I? Oh yes..Felix had arrived and he was even more stunning in the flesh. Here I was with an actual real stud muffin.
We chatted a little while and then made our way to the cinema.Whilst chatting the previous night, Felix had said he had wanted to watch Twilight and even though I had seen it twice, I said we would see that one.
We purchased our tickets or I should say I purchased the tickets and made our way to our seats.
There weren't many people there to watch it, which was not surprising as the film had been on release for about a month. Felix enjoyed it as did I, even after the third time.
We made our way out from the cinema and the plan had been to go for something to eat but Felix asked if I would like to go back to his place instead. I actually thought he meant we could eat at his place so I said yes.

It was a good 15 minute walk to Felix's place. I say his place, it was student accommodation he shared with about six other students. He had a room downstairs which was quite spacious. There was room for his double bed, computer, television..basically everything a student needed. There was the usual living room, kitchen and bathroom that they all shared too.
I sat down on his bed and we chatted for quite a while. He paid me a few compliments as I did him. I could see where this going. We weren't there to eat and if I'm being honest, I was awfully glad we weren't.

Felix asked if I minded being left alone for a few minutes whilst he went for a shower. Of course I didn't I replied. Now I definitely knew where this was going and was very glad that I'd had a bath before meeting up.
He came back about ten minutes later nice and clean. I did find it strange that he dressed again and thought maybe I had got this wrong. I hadn't. He came and joined me on the bed and he said he liked me and the next thing we knew..our clothes were off.
To save on blushes and people going yuk..let's just say things got rather sweaty and  I really was having rather a jolly time. Felix had a beautiful body, beautiful skin and oh that butt...awesome!
He kept letting out little moans every time I kissed his chest...in fact ,  he let out a little moan every time i kissed anything. I hadn't realised I was that good.
We continued doing the deed for about an hour and eventually Felix asked if I was going to be top. I replied it would be a first if I were. He instantly stopped and gave me a look. I asked what was wrong to which he replied "I thought you said in your profile that you were a top"?
I corrected him. I had actually stated on my profile that I was versatile. I might as well  have said I was a leper because things were not going any further. My comment had well and truly rained on our parade.
We both just lay there, me thinking  why on earth did I say that and him just looking.
He finally spoke and said he preferred to be bottom especially when it was with an older guy. I didn't really know what to say. The moment had passed and there was no way it was coming back.

We both dressed and Felix said he would walk me to the train station. Truth be told, I had done rather well. The intention was that I would be back in Leeds for about 8pm but because we'd gone back to his place, it would be gone midnight before I arrived home.
The train wasn't due for about twenty minutes and he very kindly waited with me until it did. We said our goodbyes and I got on the train, tired and a little bit upset that the evening had ended the way it did.

Was that the last I saw of Felix? Of course it wasn't. Tune in next Tuesday for the final instalment in this trilogy confession.

Until then..I bid the goodnight.

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