Saturday, 13 August 2011

Wallace Arnold reunion

Hi there

Last night was the Wallace Arnold reunion. For those of you who are wondering, Wallace Arnold was a coach travel company. They merged with Shearings Holidays a few years ago which resulted in nealry all the WA staff being made redundant.
The merger created the new company of WAShearings. They have since dropped the WA.
In my opinion and yes i am slightly bitter here, they dropped the wrong part. WA was a much stronger brand name.
Anyhow, back to the reunion, Was organised by a certain Mr Jon Hartley (a most funny man) and held at the Novotel in Leeds.
I met up with my friends, Joan and Lynne at Leeds City Train Station and we went for a drink before our date at the Novotel. 2 vodka and cokes later and we were there.
So many familar faces. Some i'd seen only a few months earlier, Carol, Trish, Frances and Keith. Some i had not seen for quite a while, Fran, Barbara, Beverly, Roland and Lisa to name just a few.

Mr Hartley had sorted some discount at the bar so my tipple only cost £3. Quite cheap if I were to only have the one but's a reunion!
Several tipples later, we were having a grand old time. I managed to have a chat with nearly everyone which was quite an achievement.
Food was laid on and looked delicious. There was a nice selection which included salmon cakes, pizza, selection of sandwiches and so on. I stayed away from too much bread. Have come to realise that bread is stored in ones spare tyre. Would have liked a sweet for afters but you can't have everything.

After the food, there was more chat and drinks and then people started leaving. I think Joan was the first to go and she was slightly merry, especially as I walked her to the train station. She is hystericaly funny and even more so when she's had a drink or three.
Next to go was Carol..another walk tot he train station but this time Lynne tagged along.
Eventually there was about 10 of us left and then Keith deciced it was time for him to go too. Now usually at the WA accounts nights out (I worked in accounts by the way) I tend to hitch a lift home with Keith. I say with Keith. It's actually one of his daughters who give me a lift.
This time though, I declined a lift. Was having such a good time, I didn't want the night to end.
Keith and Lynne departed and we were down to about 8 people or so.
Another drink later and Lisa suggested I join her and Beverly and go to Queens Court. To say I was tempted is an understatement. Haven't been there in ages and everyone had commented and how good I was looking...I thought you never know, my luck might be in and I might actually meet a decent guy there.
Then common sense kicked in. I had work the next morning so politely declined. Straight away I wished I hadn't.

Then the moment came. It was time for me to leave. Frances had very kindly offered to give me a lift home (don't worry, she only drinks coke) and she had waited so patiently for me.
Said my goodbyes to the remaining few including a rather sozzled Fran.  It was her first night out in months after having a baby. Not that you could tell she'd had a baby. She is so slim!

Arrived home about 1am. Had an absolutely brilliant night and looking forward to the next one in November.
Big thank you to Jon for organising it.

Shame the day after wasn't as good ...that's a whole different story!!!

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