Friday, 12 August 2011

The one and only

Hello there.

Was at the gym today doing my usual stuff when who should walk in but Chesney Hawkes.
I wasn't 100% sure until i noticed that familiar mole on his face. He certainly is a lot smaller that i thought. Chesney that is..not the mole!
He went upstairs for a workout which gave me chance to ask Grant (he works at the gym) if i was right.
Guess what..i was!
He'd done a gig last night at the Library and was staying at the Hilton.
That was enough for me. I went straight upstairs with the hope of maybe talking to Mr Hawkes.
He was on the cross trainer so i went on the rowing machine, which was right next to him. We are talking a gap of centimetres.
My brain was working overtime. Do i speak to him or don't i? In the end i decided he probably wanted to be left alone so didn't talk to him.

So if ever you come across this blog Mr Hawkes, I wasn't ignoring you. Just letting you have your privacy.
On a final note..I can't believe he's 39. He looks so young and dare i say, rather dishy!

Still haven't decided how i am going to use this blog. For the time being i'll stick to posting things that happen during a typical day for oneself.

Bye for now!

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