Saturday, 20 August 2011


Hi guys.

Before I start, I'd just like to say a big massive thank you to Phil and Hayley for helping me with my blog makeover. Hope you like it. Any comments on how it looks would be most welcome.

Now on with today's confession.

You remember I go on a particular gay dating website? I say dating but it really is mostly guys who just want one night stands. I only know of two guys who have gone on to have a long relationship from this site.
Anyhow, I was on the site one night and have to admit, I was feeling rather low. It was one of those I'm so fed up of being on my own days.
So there I was in the chat room reading all the comments. It was the usual stuff. "Any bare backers up for fun tonight" and "black cock for white" are just two that I can remember.
All of sudden there was a private chat request. As usual I checked the senders profile and whilst not quite my type, he wasn't bad. I decided I would chat with him.
He said I had nice pics and asked how my day had been to which I replied thank you and not bad. I then asked how his day had been.
We chatted for quite a while and then somehow we got onto the subject of how nice it would be to just have someone to cuddle up to in bed.
I have no idea how we got onto this subject but we did and I distinctly remember saying that I wasn't even bothered about the sex part. Frank was in the same mind as me.
The comments went back and forth and then Frank suggested that he come to mine just to sleep and nothing else.
Now I don't usually do this type of thing but as I said earlier, I was feeling rather low so I said yes.
Before you finish that gasp, I would just like to add that I did request his mobile number and I forwarded this on to a close friend with a message that read "Guy coming to mine tonight. This is his number, just in case something happens x"
My friend was not impressed and actually replied with the message "You idiot", which was right. I was being an idiot. The urge to have someone sleeping next to me that night was just too great.
I sent Frank my address details and he replied he was on his way.
Now I was nervous and thinking to myself "you idiot..what have you done". It was too late to go back now.

About 20 minutes passed and then my phone rang. It was Frank letting me know he was parked outside. I went to let him in and showed him to the living room.
He took his coat off and sat down. It was then that I realised I had made the most stupid of mistakes. The photos that were on his profile were obviously taken years earlier.
He asked if he lived up to expectations to which I replied "We all look different to our photos in the flesh"
I might as well have said you're nothing like I expected and not in a good way as he knew I was disappointed. I tried really hard not to show it but I'm not that good an actor.

We chatted for a little while, which like so many other times with different dates, was rather strained. It was during this rather dull conversation that I noticed he was slurring his words.
I asked him if he'd been drinking. He had!!!
It was then that I could smell the alcohol on his breadth and it was then that he decided it would be awfully good fun to grab one of my kittens and scare her half to death by balancing her on his hand in mid air.
I asked him not to do that. He said it wouldn't hurt her and continued. Again, I asked him not to and also asked why on earth he had driven all this way whilst under the influence. He put my kitten down and answered that he was not that drunk.
This was turning into a horrible night and I did think about asking him to leave. Of course I couldn't ask. What if he crashed whilst driving back? It would be my fault.
The only solution to this was to actually do what we originally planned and just go to we did.

I didn't sleep particularly well as Frank snored constantly. Eventually morning came and Frank woke up.
We exchanged good mornings and then I made up some story about having an early appointment.
Frank said he had to go anyway and started to dress. Once he had, we said our goodbyes and I let him out.
Phew! I was still alive, my cats were still alive and he had gone. I text my friend and informed him all was well. He sent a reply saying I was still an idiot but glad I was ok.

A little later on I went to make the bed. Frank had left a little reminder of his stay at my place. On the side of the bed that he had slept were what one could only describe as a mole hill of pubic hair. There was enough to stuff a small pillow. Needless to say, that sheet went straight into the wash.

I still go on the gay dating site and I can honestly say that since that day, i have never ever seen Frank on it.
Maybe he has found a long term partner or he is just too busy providing the filling for small pillows.

Until next Saturday..that's right, it's gonna be a weekly blog from today..I bid thee goodnight!!!!