Sunday, 6 May 2012

Guilty Pleasure - Eurovision Special

So here it is folks. My all time favourite Eurovision song and I think quite a lot of you are going to think "really". Hopefully a few of you will also agree with my choice.

Number 1 - La Voix by Malena Ernman (Sweden)

That's right folks, La Voix is top of my Eurovision chart. I absolutely love this song. So much so,  I have listened to it on my ipod 238 times. More times than any other Eurovision song. Now that has to be some kind of record?

Malena represented Sweden in the 2009 contest. An opera singer, very famous in her home country and other parts of Europe, her coloratura mezzo-soprano vocals were put to good use in the song and to a dance soundtrack too. The whole thing blended perfectly to reveal what I believe to be a Eurovision classic.
Unfortunately, I think I was only person to think this as the song finished in 21st place. It failed to score with quite a few countries and only received low scores from those that did. Even the UK only gave it 1 point and that was probably courtesy of the gay audience.
I don't think it helped Sweden with Ms Ernman giving only an adequate performance on the night. On the high notes she was perfect but it was when she had to sing notes in a lower key that she had a few issues.
Here is the actual pop video to show you how it should have sounded.

I think you will agree that that sounds so much better doesn't it?

Despite the disastrous result in the contest, the song was released on download and cd.It reached number 2 in Sweden, number 19 in Finland, number 20 in Norway and 138 in the UK. Really UK..138? The UK position was, again, probably due to myself and a few more gays.

One thing that has surprised me the most is the lack of drag queens that have failed to incorporate this song into their routine. A lovely dress, blonde wig and a few scantily clad male dancers and hey presto, you have the start of a perfect nights entertainment.

I hope you have enjoyed my Eurovision Special as much as I have enjoyed looking back at the contest and writing about it. I've liked it so much, I have decided not to end on this edition of my blog.
Tune in next time when I will highlight my favourite three entries for this years Eurovision.

Until next time, I bid thee farewell.

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