Sunday, 29 April 2012

Guilty Pleasure - Eurovision Special

Just two more to go folks. Any ideas as to which act is going to make number one? Why not leave a message and we will see if you guess correctly.
And so to my penultimate Eurovision favourite.

Number 2 - L'oiseau et l'enfant by Marie Myriam (France)

Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Marie represented and won the contest for France in 1977 with this amazing song.
I love the French language, so it is no surprise that a song or two in the language would feature in my top 10 and this one simply is the best. I do not speak or even understand French but this song is pure pleasure to my ears.
The song was released in the UK under the title The Bird and the Child and reached number 42 in the charts. It really should have been top 10 and shame on us Brits for not making it so.

You will have noticed the lovely Angela Rippon at the start of the video, who hosted the contest for that year. Though I am a gay man, I have always had the slightest of crushes on Ms Rippon. I think it was the dance routine she did on the Morcambe and Wise show that was the cause of this crush. Now aged 67, she still looks as stunning now as she did back then.

Until next time, when I will reveal my number one Eurovision act, I bid thee farewell.

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