Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Guilty Pleasure - Eurovision Special

The top spot in my countdown looms ever closer. Have any of your favourites featured in my chart. Maybe it's my next choice?

Number 4 - Hallelujah by Gali Atari and Milk and Honey (Israel)

This song won the 1979 contest but only just. Spain were in the lead and looked set for victory until they awarded 10 points to Israel.

Gali was a solo performer and joined Milk and Honey for Eurovision, leaving the band soon after.
The performance on the night was perfect and whilst the audience wasn't on the scale of recent Eurovisions, they received an astounding round of applause and were obviously one of the favourites.

The song itself takes me back to my childhood and reminds me of happy times with my family.
It's one of those songs that builds up as it goes along which I absolutely love.
After winning Eurovision, it did very well in the European charts, reaching number 5 in the UK.

Milk and Honey tried representing Israel in the contest two more times but failed to reach the final on both occasions.

Until next time, I bid thee farewell.

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