Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Guilty Pleasure - Eurovision Special

Welcome back to my Eurovision top 10 countdown and the next entry is a controversial choice due to the fact that it is mostly instrumental.

Number 6 - Love Symphony by Quartissimo featuring Martina Majerle (Slovenia)

Quartissimo are a string quartet who between them play the violin, viola and cello and play them rather well too. Martina, who originates from Croatia, joined the quartet for this Eurovision entry because rules state an entry must contain lyrics. Slovenia's entry was originally instrumental.

I absolutely adored this entry for the 2009 contest but, unfortunately for Slovenia, not many others did. It failed to reach the final having only scored 14 points in the semis.
Was the lack of support because we don't actually hear a word from Martina until 1 minute 14 seconds into the song? There is more instrumental than singing throughout the duration of the number and maybe viewers just did not perceive it as a song.
Whatever the reason for it's failure to make it to the next stage, I honestly believe it deserved to progress.

Unfortunately for Quartissimo, their track failed to make an impression on the pop or classical charts but thanks to the official Eurovision website, it is one of the many tracks on my ipod.

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