Saturday, 24 March 2012

Guilty Pleasure - Eurovision Special

Yes folks, you read that correctly. The Eurovision Song Contest is indeed one of my guilty pleasures.

My earliest memory of watching Eurovision is in 1976 with my family. I was a mere 9 years old and Brotherhood of Man won the contest for the UK with Save all Your Kisses for Me. Who could ever forget that dance and don't any of  you dare deny that you didn't have a go at those moves like I did.

Eurovision was a big part of our life and we never missed it. We'd had our electricity cut off one year and were so desperate not to miss it that we made do with the radio.
There we were with a few candles and Eurovision blurting out of a small speaker. It was bliss and one of the memories I treasure most.

Katie Boyle and Terry Wogan were of course the King and Queen of Eurovision but I think Graham Norton is proving to be a most excellent host. As with his predecessors, you can tell he absolutely loves everything about it.

These days it has become a little too political with countries awarding points to their neighbours just to keep them happy, for fear of possible invasions or a ban from fishing in the other countries waters.
Never the less, I still love it and and even more so now that each year it is on, I visit my good friend Andy to watch it with him. We even go as far as awarding our own points and trying to predict who will win. I love it but Andy adores it. I'm not kidding, the man is like the encyclopedia Eurovision.

So why do I love it so? I could say it's because I'm gay and because it is as camp as Christmas. I could even say it's because sometimes the songs are so bad and the artists so ridiculous you just have to laugh out loud. There could be the possibility my addiction to Eurovision is all down to the hosts and their hilarious comments.
It is, however, none of the previous. The reason I love it so is quite simply because the contest unites countries through the art of music. Millions of people watch it every year and with each passing year, it becomes bigger and better and more importantly it becomes even more loved.
Yes there are those who ridicule it but they still watch it.
I think the Eurovision Song Contest will be with us for many more years and I would love it see it evolve into the World Song Contest. Not sure if the BBC could spare a whole day to show all the acts taking part but it sure would be fun to watch.

Leading up to this years contest, I will be compiling my top ten Eurovision acts. The list will contain acts that won and some that didn't and thanks to the wonders of YouTube, I will do my utmost to include a video (hopefully from the contest) for each one.

I hope you find it an interesting and enjoyable edition to my blog and please feel free to let me know your favourite Eurovision acts or songs.

Until next week when we start with number 10 in our countdown, I bid thee farewell.

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