Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Shane - part 1

Hi guys. Sorry about the delay in this weeks blog. Damn Internet was going at a snails pace yesterday.
As usual, please be aware that there may be content of an adult nature.

Everyone settled? Then let us proceed.

Queens Court is the setting for today's confession. I was on a night out with a friend and having a jolly good time. A few vodka and cokes had entered my system and I was ready to dance. We made our way upstairs and headed for the dance floor. Now I have the strange idea that I am quite a good dancer and tonight was no exception. I was on fire. Each song that was played was a favourite and  I just danced and danced and danced, occasionally stopping for a pee break or to buy another drink.
My friend  Richard was also having a good time with the old dancing shoes all be it in strange way. Let's just say he liked to use his arms to interpretate the music. Never the less, he was enjoying himself and it was only a matter of time before we would end up wrapped around one of the poles that were placed at each end of the dance floor. The poles were on a plinth so you had to climb a little step ladder to get to them.
Usually it was worth the climb because there would always be another bloke dancing around the pole and more times than not you would end up getting to know that person using the art of touch. Many a muscle has been felt and kiss had by me whilst partaking in a spot of pole dancing.

On this night, it was not to be but I didn't care. I was having a whale of a time. Whilst up there it is always advisable to scan the dance floor and look for potential mates. I was doing just this when I suddenly caught the eye of chap in the corner. He had short black hair, was maybe just under six foot and was really rather gorgeous. I pointed him out to Richard and he agreed.
The guy looked a little lost and was just standing there with a drink in his hand, not dancing and looking at other guys in a nervous manner. It took me back to my very first time in a gay bar and I felt it my duty to go and talk to him.
Hi there I said to him to which he said hello back. You look a little lost I said and he replied that it was the first time he'd been in Queens Court and he was finding it all a little daunting.
We continued to chat, exchanged names and were really hitting it off. I was really quite chuffed with myself that I had actually approached a guy and was maintaining a  decent conversation with him.
He said he wasn't out to his family and I told him that it had been easier than I thought it would be to come out of the closet. His problem was his family were Irish and came from a very strong Catholic background and just would not approve of his choice of partner. It was sad to hear this and it does annoy me that most religions dictate what is right and wrong when it comes to sexual partners. As long as there is genuine attraction, what does it matter if we are the same sex? It's the same with families. You loved that person before they came out, so why should that change a persons feelings towards them and to be honest..I think there's a bit of gayness in everybody. Soap box bit over..back to the confession.

Shane and I continued talking and Richard joined in from time to time. The DJ announced he was playing the last two tracks for the night. By that announcement, I knew it was after 2am. Had we been talking all that time? Obviously we had.  I asked Shane if he would like to come back to my place. He declined but said I could go back to his. I wasn't going to say no to his very kind offer.
Richard was pleased that we were hitting it off and even happier that it looked like I was going to get a shag out of it. I'd had a dry spell and he knew it had been getting me down so this was very good for my ego.

Richard caught a separate taxi and  I caught one with Shane and we made our way back to his place. The journey looked familiar and it was only when Shane told me he shared a house with some students that I realised we were going to Headingley. You will know from a previous blog that I have had an encounter in Headingley before.

We arrived at our destination, paid the taxi driver and made our way to the front door. It was here that Shane proceeded to inform me that none of his housemates knew he was gay and that we would have to be very quiet. We entered the house and very quietly made our way upstairs. It felt like I was in a Bugs Bunny cartoon and I had the urge to turn my head and whisper "Shh...I'm hunting Wabbit!!".
Of course I didn't do this but slowly and silently made my way to Shane's bedroom. It was quite spacious but rather messy. To say he wasn't a student, I was rather surprised at just how untidy it was.
The bed was made and did look clean so I was thankful for that.
We had a little kiss and then Shane said he needed the toilet and that I should get into bed.
I stripped to my underwear and made myself comfy in his bed.
Shane flushed the toilet and made his way back to his room. Like me, he stripped to his underwear and got into bed. We chatted a little and had a few more kisses and then he asked if it would be alright if that was as far as it went this time?
Hearing this made me quite happy as it made me think that maybe he saw this developing into a relationship and didn't want to be seen as easy. I said I had no problem with that and gave him another kiss.
Shane turned the lamp off and i turned to my side and said goodnight. He wrapped his arm around me and then snuggled into my back. It was a lovely feeling and I had the biggest grin on my face.
A few minutes past when all of a sudden I could feel something digging in my back. No points for guessing what it was.
Had he changed his mind. Did he want things to go further after all? I was game if he was.
I turned onto my other side to face him and we started to kiss, our hands touching each others body. I slowly relieved Shane of his underwear. It was all getting rather passionate and we had ended up with Shane on his back and me on top of him. The kissing continued as did the touching and stroking. With each kiss, I made my way down his body until I was facing his erection. Being a hot blooded male who likes men, I did what came naturally.
Up until the doing what came naturally bit, all had been going well. Both of us were obviously aroused and enjoying ourselves but the moment I started to do the deed, it changed.
I could sense that all was not well with him so I stopped what I was doing and asked if he was ok.
He said he was fine but that this was the first time it had ever gone as far as this with a guy so it was all new to him. I asked if he wanted me to continue and he replied yes. Continue I did.
I tried to keep him aroused but it was becoming obvious that his arousal was no more. Once again I asked if he was ok but this time he replied no and asked if we could stop and go to sleep?
We chatted for a while and he told me how as soon as we had started with the oral sex, his family had entered his head and the fact that they were strong Irish Catholics and how much they would not approve of what he was doing. He had tried to erase the thoughts he was having but it wasn't happening. They were well and truly stuck in there. I told him it was fine and that we could always try another time when he was feeling more comfortable. What else could I say? I did like him too and wanted to show that I understood how he was feeling.
We eventually fell asleep and then it was morning. I asked if I could have a shower before we left and he said yes but to remember to be quiet. Shane had already taken a shower and I did as he asked and was very quiet and very quick.
Once again I had been wearing contact lenses and once again I had slept with them in all night which is most definitely a no no. My eyes were so dry and I really needed to take the lenses out hence why my shower was quick.
Shane ushered me out of the house like he was a rock star who'd hired a hooker for the night and didn't want the paparazzi to find out.
He agreed to walk me to the bus stop and on the way I asked if he'd like to meet up again sometime?
He said yes and we exchanged numbers. Did we meet again? Of course we did but you will have to wait until next Tuesday to find out what happened.

Until then..I bid thee farewell!!!

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  1. omg i cant believe u told me these at work and yet i forget the ending now and have to tune in next tues to find out. then again, i might just ask your tomorrow lol