Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Shane - part 2

Hi folks. Well here it is, part 2 of the Shane story and as those of you who read last weeks blog are aware, things had not gone that well.
It was obvious he had a problem with him being gay and unfortunately it affected him in the bedroom department. I wasn't about to give in though. He was a nice guy and very good looking and it's a rare thing for me to find nice and handsome in the same bloke.
I text him a few times and he replied so I obviously thought he was still interested.
Eventually I sent him a text asking if he wanted to meet up again and to my surprise he said yes. I suggested we go see a movie and he said yes to that too.
Now as you are all well aware.. I don't do horror and when I do, it's only in certain circumstances.
This was one of those circumstances. Shane loved horror and it was agreed we would go see the remake of The Amityville Horror. To say I wasn't keen on having to watch a scary movie is an understatement but I was over the moon that we were going on a date.

We continued to text back and forth and were getting on really well and then the day of the date arrived.
I was so excited as I had made my mind up that I really liked Shane.
A bath and change of clothes later and I was at the cinema waiting for him. As usual, I was early which only achieves one thing, a guarantee that your stomach will start churning. This was no exception. It felt like I had eaten several vindaloos. I tried to think of something other than how bad my stomach was feeling but it wasn't helping. The only thing that was going to end my suffering was Shane. I looked at my mobile. The film didn't start for another twenty minutes and we had arranged to meet up ten minutes before the start of it.
The churning continued. It was so bad that I could have had a pint a milk and it would have made butter in my stomach.
The time started dragging so I decided to go buy the tickets. This turned out to be quite a good idea as now my mind was on other things. I felt so much better. It took about five minutes to buy them and make my way back to where I would be meeting Shane.
Then the moment arrived. He was here and looking just as nice as when we first met. He instantly saw me and walked over.
He said hi and I said hi back and then he said something that knocked me for six.
"I hope you don't mind that I brought my friend along"?
Friend. What the ...friend? Who on earth brings a friend on a date? That's what I was thinking until reality sank in. This wasn't a date. This was just Shane being friends. How could I get it so wrong?
All those text messages and not once did i get the hint he just wanted friendship.

I think I made some comment about the more the merrier but how I had already purchased two tickets.
Shane's friend was called Tom but to me he was just Gooseberry.
We purchased a third ticket and made our way to the screen. I had lost my appetite so no popcorn was purchased.
A few words were exchanged before the start of the film between myself and Shane. Tom hardly spoke which just infuriated me. It was bad enough that he'd  brought him on our date but even worse that he didn't seem to have the ability to talk with the exception of the hello he had muttered when we were introduced.

The film started and I managed to watch it all, even though the vast majority of it was through my fingers.
We made our way outside and I asked if they would like to go for a drink. Shane said he couldn't as he had to be up early the next day.
We said our goodbyes and I headed for the bus stop feeling rather foolish about the mistake I had made. At the same time, I was rather annoyed that he had given me the impression we were going on a date.

There were no more so called dates after that and only the occasional text. I saw Shane a few times on nights out and we did speak. I remember saying to him one night that he always looked uncomfortable and how I never saw him dance. He said he didn't dance to which I replied maybe he should try. It might loosen him up a little. He declined my offer to help him out.
The last time I saw him he said he was moving away from Leeds. If I'm honest, I didn't believe him and decided he would always be troubled by the fact he was a homosexual.

A few years later I was at work when in walked a customer, a male, dark hair and quite handsome. He made his way to the counter and asked a question. His accent was Irish. At first it didn't click but then, like thunderbolt, it hit me..it was Shane.
"I know you" I said. He gave me a look and said he didn't recognise me. His eyes told me different. He knew exactly who I was.
This was it. this was my chance let him know how he made me feel.
"It's Shane isn't it"? He confirmed this but still denied all knowledge of me.
"We went on a date that turned out not to be a date" I quickly added.
"You must have a good memory" he said.
I then continued to tell him how I thought it was supposed to be a proper date and how I had misinterpreted things.

It was like I had been wearing the heaviest suit of armour in the world and then all of a sudden, as soon as I had said what I needed to say to him, the armour was gone.

We chatted for a little while and he eventually realised he knew me or shall we say he pretended he realised.
Shane has been back several times and we continue to have brief chats and if the truth be known, I would love to ask him him if he has overcome his problem, ask him if he has a boyfriend, if his family know and if they accept him for who he is, and if he is less reserved now. More importantly, I would love to ask him out on a proper date as he is still quite lush.
Saying that though, the last time I saw him, there was something very strange going on with his hair. Who am I kidding...i would still go on a date with him!!!

Until next time, I bid thee farewell.

Coming Soon...It's the big one. The confession to top all confessions!

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